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Cuisine-R Evolution Molecular Gastronomy Set

Adventures in molecular merrymaking


Are you having trouble getting a rez at WD50? Did your connections at elBulli or The Fat Duck across the pond fail to pan out? Well, you could own kitchen into an experimental food lab this weekend with the Cuisine R – Evolution Molecular Gastronomy Set ($60). Yes, with some time and a little experimentation, you too can dazzle dates with the unexpected contrasts of flavor, temperature, texture and other surprises that fiddling with food and physics often yields — when things go right.

This kit comes equipped with fifty sachets of chemical constituents to get you started, and a selection of five specialized tools. A DVD featuring fifty recipes is also included to help perfect your beet root caviar and to make sure you know your Calcium Lactate from your Xanthan Gum. If used wisely, we expect this kitchen chemistry set will have you placing orders for liquid nitrogen and a bespoke lab coat in no time. Then again, you could just wind up destroying your kitchen.

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