The Best Recipes to Try Over Your Holiday Break

These recipes take time.

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Cooking can be time-consuming. Not everyone has an Instant Pot and can make quick, delicious meals during the work week. For those of you who get a holiday break, there’s finally time to make breakfast and spend hours working on a stew. Here are some recipes you can tackle with your time off.

A Better Tortilla Soup, Perfect for Cold Days

A recipe straight from Colorado's Western Slope.

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Your New Weekend Recipe: Silver Dollar Pancakes

Kick mornings into high gear, and hangovers out the door.

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The 25 Best Things to Cook When You Get a Dutch Oven

There's an argument to be made for the Dutch oven as the most multifunctional cookware out there. So why are you only making chili in it?

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For Better Scrambled Eggs, Add Cognac and Caviar

From New York's breakfast-forward Egg Shop comes a riff on scrambled eggs that's fit for a king.

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How to Make a Healthy and Meat-Free Stew from One of California’s Best Restaurants

Serve with grilled bread for a hearty, healthy, meat-free stew.

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For a Perfect Fried Egg, Do as the Spanish Do

Chances are you fry eggs every now and again. Here's how to cook them better, taking inspiration from Spain. Though not traditional, the results are damn good.

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Koreans Have Discovered a Cure for Hangovers — This Soup

Put down the coconut water and make haejangguk instead.

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How to Make: 3 Healthy Breakfasts for Athletes

Put down that Jimmy Dean easy egg casserole. These breakfasts are quick, healthy and damn good.

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To Get the Most From Your Slow Cooker, Make Bone Broth

Broths and stocks are the keys to unlocking restaurant-level cooking at home, says famed chef Hugh Acheson. Here's his go-to for bone broth.

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Your New Weekend Breakfast Recipe: The French Omelette

Forget everything you thought you knew about making breakfast.

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A Vitamin-Rich Soup That’s Delicious, Too

Detox before Thanksgiving dinner with this deceptively delicious vegetable soup.

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