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MoB | Roundup: 10 Off-the-Shelf Sauces and Marinades

Sauce like a boss

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Eric Yang

Purists, turn off your computer and go sit quietly near the grill. It’s time for us to talk sauce: often a steak requires nothing more than salt and char; a burger, cheese and bun. Other times, we want to surround ourselves in friends wearing grass skirts and eat flank steak that tastes of bygone Oahu vacations. Maybe that’s just us. But ketchup, we can all agree on ketchup.

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Soy Vay Island Teriyaki


In Brief: Speaking of grass skirts, this is Kosher NorCal brand Soy Vay’s tropical Asian marinade.

Editor’s Take: “Lots of pineapple, soy and ginger up front. Practically enough sesame seeds to put a crust on the meat. I’d like this on a well-charred skirt steak.” — JB

Buy Now: $5.89

Heartbreaking Dawns Meridian: Serrano Grilling Sauce


In Brief: An all-natural sauce we picked up at Whole Foods that’s very thick thanks to the main ingredient, apricot preserves.

Editor’s Take: “Heartbreaking sweetness chased by a spicy finish. The apricot will come through on the grill. I’d marinate a tenderloin in this for an hour and throw it on the grill.” — CW

Buy Now: $8.50

Schlotterbeck & Foss Steakhouse Marinade


In Brief: Portland-based S&F is big in the food industry and private label business. The company started as an apothecary. Now they make steak sauce.

Editor’s Take: “French dressing walks into a closet with paprika. The plot thickens quickly. Honestly, it’s more like a salad dressing. We’ve found the perfect steak salad dressing.” — BB

Buy Now: $9.50

Delmonico’s Restaurant Classic 1837 Marinade


In Brief: A line of sauces and marinades from the classic New York steakhouse.

Editor’s Note: “The closest thing we tasted to traditional steak sauce. Thick and rich, ideal for sirloin tips on the grill or even a burger.” — CW

Buy Now: $5.00

Stonewall Kitchen Sesame Ginger Teriyaki Sauce


In Brief: We remember Stonewall Kitchen back when it was mostly a jam company. This was the 90s, mind you. Needless to say, they’ve diversified their portfolio.

Editor’s Take: “There’s a sinus-clearing ginger spice followed by smooth sesame flavor. Perfect for spiking a flank or skirt steak with some zest.” — CW

Buy Now: $7.95

Rufus Teague Steak Sauce


In Brief: The bottle says it all. “Rufus Teague made some sauce. He put some in a jar and shared it with the boys. They kept on painin’ him ’til he fixed up another batch. Next thing he knew he was makin’ sauce all the time. It’s damn good.”

Editor’s Take: “It’s an awesome kick in the ass, like eating a raisinnette drunk on bourbon. This would also be really good on venison.” — EY

Buy Now: $5.25

HP Sauce, Original


In Brief: The most popular brown sauce in the UK, produced by Heinz.

Editor’s Take: “Straight up malt vinegar. No apologies.” — CW

Buy Now: $6.48

Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup


In Brief: A gourmet ketchup made with natural sweeteners like agave nectar, honey, and raw brown sugar.

Editor’s Take: “Super jammy tomato flavor, almost like candy. I’d cover a burger in it, dip my fries, and lick the plate.” — JB

Buy Now: $7.00

Slather Brand Original Slatherin’ Sauce


In Brief: A Charleston-based, ketchup-based sauce meant for putting on any kind of meat.

Editor’s Take: “Light, sweet, a little bit spicy. Tastes like a summer barbecue.” — EY

Buy Now: $26.99

Trois Petits Cochons Moutarge A L’Ancienne


In Brief: A classic whole grain mustard, made in France by a company that also produces pates, terrines, and charcuterie.

Editor’s take: “I always mix this stuff with pan drippings and use it as a sauce for hanger steak. Watch and learn, son.” — JB

Buy Now: $6.99

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