MoB: Jack O’Shea’s Steak Tartare

Raw. Primeval.

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We’re no tartare noobs: Under the guidance of chef Wes Whitsell, we concocted a spicy steak tartare that would send even the most elite of dinner party snobs into a beef tailspin. But in the beef pecking order, the butcher always pulls rank. Need further proof? See above, one of a series of videos produced by Electrolux (AEG) for its food website, Perfunkt, with Jack O’Shea, one of London’s most highly regarded butchers.

O’Shea’s comfort with beef — he rubs it, sniffs it, tastes it raw — is something that can only come from being an eighth generation butcher. In this video, he makes tartare using a combination of fresh rump steak and flank steak. “It’s perfect for tartare because it doesn’t have any connective tissue or gristle in it”, he says. “It just cuts like butter. Meat-flavored butter”.

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