Veuve Clicquot Traveler Champagne Gift Set

A Final Gift to Give Before the New Year


For procrastinators, the week of New Year’s Eve usually becomes a mad scramble to finalize plans. Maybe there are about 5 different parties you’ve been invited to attend, and it’s now time you made a decision. Regardless of what you end up choosing, making sure to not show up empty handy is always the classy thing to do. Don’t kid yourself, though; a box of Wheat Thins won’t cut it. Neither will that half-drunk pint of Evan Williams you’ve been saving for a rainy day.

However, Champagne (naturally) is always a solid choice, and if you’re interested in making a particularly good impression, appearing at the door step with this Veuve Clicquot Traveler gift set is one way to do it. Featuring an unmistakably Veuve-inspired cooler pack, two specially-created Champagne flutes, and, of course, a bottle of the renowned bubbly, it’s the perfect thing to consume on the spot with friends, or to sneak off with a date to enjoy while ahem… “ringing” in the new decade.

Also, keep in mind that if you can’t find this set at your local higher-end liquor store, snagging one online today might mean you can still have it before the ball drops. Knowing the Gear Patrol team’s preferences, we won’t hold it against you though if you happen to bring us scotch instead. Note: Scotch = Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V Edition.

Cost: $97

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