Brooklyn Black Ops Beer

Plausible deniability


Surprise, the best version of something entitled “black ops” this year isn’t the much ballyhooed game, but an equally sinister and consumable product, Brooklyn Black Ops Beer. The official stance of Brooklyn Brewery is this: Brooklyn Black Ops beer does not exist, and that’s a damn fine way to start a beer.

The Russian Imperial Stout has been covertly brewed, hidden from normal brew operations and prying eyes. First aged 4 months in Bourbon barrels, then bottled flat and allowed to re-ferment with Champagne yeast in bottles, Black Ops delivers a legion of robust flavors: chocolate, coffee, vanilla oak, and strong notes of bourbon. The beer is a decisive victory and as you can see, bottled in an equally winning package. The only catch? Reportedly, only 1,000 cases of the elixir have been brewed and they’re hard as hell to find with a price tag to match. $26 per bottle. We managed to nab 4 bottles at New York’s Good Beer — a good place to start. Bottles have also been known to occasionally appear at Whole Foods. Either way, reconnaissance is required. Over and out.

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