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The 13 Best Beers for Super Bowl LV, According to Brewers

Beer and football go together like Tom Brady (ugh) and the Super Bowl.

Henry Phillips

In most years, Super Bowl Sunday is a day where over 1 billion chicken wings would go missing. That’s probably not going to happen this year while we’re abstaining from the usual gatherings. Smaller portions of food still require some good beer though. So we asked craft brewers what they’ll be drinking when they watch the Super Bowl this weekend. Heed their advice.

Bierstadt Lagerhaus The Slow Pour Pils

From: Denver, CO
Style: German Pilsner
ABV: 5.1%

"This 4.7 percent Pils is packed with amazing flavor. With a low ABV, I’ll be able to put back a bunch of them without getting too sauced. Gotta be on point to root for my boy, Tom Brady! [Juice's rooting interest for the game is his own and is not shared by all at Oskar Blues Brewery – we do, however, all love a good pils]" — Juice Drapeau, head brewer at Oskar Blues Brewery


New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire

From: Fort Collins, CO
Style: Amber Ale
ABV: 5.2%

"I graduated from the University of Colorado in 2006, and the first beer that really turned me on to craft out there was Fat Tire Amber Ale from New Belgium. You literally couldn't go anywhere without bartenders pushing it. My taste profile has shifted since then, towards approachable and lower ABV IPAs, but I'll probably grab a six-pack of Fat Tire this year. It's just a really solid beer and sometimes it's nice to remind myself of those malt-forward styles." — Eric Moss, cofounder/brewmaster at Montauk Brewing Company

Price: $11/six-pack


Arbeiter Brewing Co. Haha Pilsner

From: Minneapolis, MN
: Pilsner
: 5.1%

"For Super Bowl Sunday I plan to drink local. Friends of mine just opened Arbeiter Brewing Co. in the 3rd Precinct that was hit hard during the riots this past summer in Minneapolis, a much-needed pick-me-up for our community and the local economy. I’ll be grabbing a crowler or two of their Haha Pilsener, a clean and classic northern German-style Pilsner that you can drink all day. And, I’ll grab a Juicy Fruity Hazy Pale Ale. It’s a sessionable hazy that packs a full-size punch of pineapple, mango and peach hop notes. It’ll be a quiet day compared to most Super Bowl Sundays since we won’t be with friends or family due to the pandemic but I’m excited to support and enjoy some fresh, local brews while watching the game." — Ben Smith, head brewer at Surly Brewing Company


Jack’s Abby House Lager

From: Framingham, MA
Style: Golden Lager
ABV: 5.2%

"Being from New England, and a Patriots fan, watching Tom Brady lead the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl this year has been bittersweet. I am excited for him (and Gronk) as well as the city of Tampa. Watching football, I tend to grab something light, refreshing, and crushable; something I'd drink at a game. Enter House Lager from Jack's Abby Brewing. This beer is crisp, clean and pairs well with all tailgating favorites, but can also stand on its own. Light caramel sweetness and fresh-baked bread maltiness balanced with grassy, floral hop notes. Looking forward to watching the big game and opening quite a few of these!" — Mark LaPierre, brewer/operations manager at Cigar City Brewing

Price: $11/six-pack


Ayinger Privatbrauerei Celebrator

From: Aying, Bavaria, Germany
Style: Doppelbock
ABV: 6.7%

"This year I'll be drinking an Ayinger Doppelbock, a firm, malty and delicious beer that pairs nicely with all things caramelized and cheesy. Handily, it's strong enough to distract you from the pain of seeing certain former local heroes decked out in silver and orange. Of course, the little goat charm on the bottles may induce flashbacks of glory gone by, but I'll be raising goats for the GOAT anyhow." — Joe Connolly, director of Springdale Beer Co.

Price: $14/four-pack


Urban Roots Brewing EZPZ Pilsner

From: Sacramento, CA
Style: German Pilsner
ABV: 5%

"I'm going to be reaching for a few pints of EZPZ Pilsner from our friends at Urban Roots in Sacramento, CA. Dry-hopped pilsners strike the right balance between low ABV and hoppy character, making them the perfect beer to drink throughout the entire game." — Jack Hendler, co-owner of Jack's Abby Craft Lagers


Russian River Brewing STS Pils

From: Santa Rosa, CA
Style: Kellerbier
ABV: 5.3%

"When it comes to the Super Bowl, a beer that will be consumed over the course of the day needs to be balanced. What brought me to Victory Brewing was a desire to brew great pilsners, which in my opinion is the perfect style of beer to be shared with friends over the span of a Sunday afternoon. My choice would be STS Pils by Russian River. A delightfully malty yet refreshing, mildly hazy yet crisp, thoroughly hopped and crushable pilsner that comes in nice big 16oz bottles. Though, depending on the big game's outcome (and where your allegiances lie) you may need something a little stronger at the end of the night." – Curtis Sampson, innovation manager and R&D brewer at Victory Brewing Company


Mast Landing Brewing Company Windbreaker

From: Westbrook, ME
Style: DDH IPA
ABV: 6.5%

"We'll be sipping Windbreaker IPA from our friends at Mast Landing out of Westbrook, ME. This is a double dry-hopped, 6.5 percent sipper that looks as awesome as it tastes. It's got huge, fruity flavors so you won't get bored even if the game's a blowout. But it's refreshing and balanced enough to keep you engaged if it becomes a classic Brady nail-biter." – Michael Oxton, co-founder of Night Shift Brewing


Founders Brewing Co. All Day IPA

From: Grand Rapids, MI
Style: Session IPA
ABV: 4.7%

"When it comes to the Big Game I think about two things: beer and snacks. I love hot wings and that real spicy chili your uncle brings over in his thirty-year-old crockpot. I love pairing IPAs with spicy foods, but you never know if the big game will go into OT. For that reason, the highly sessionable All Day IPA by Founders Brewing keeps my thirst quenched for the long haul, and balances perfectly with the heat of any five-alarm snacks you have planned for the big day." — Joe Pawelek, brewmaster at Wicked Weed Brewing

Price: $19/15-pack


On Tour Brewing Co. North Ontario

From: Chicago, IL
Style: Golden Ale
ABV: 5.7%

"This year I will be drinking North Ontario from On Tour Brewing Co. This brewery is located in the Chicago Brewing District right around the corner from us here at Goose Island. North Ontario is a Golden Ale that has just enough hop character to balance the clean and crisp (100 percent Canadian!) malt character. Craft ‘crispy’ beers will be coming on strong in 2021, and this one fits in perfectly while setting you up for an extended session of Super Bowl enjoyment." — Quinn Fuechsl, R&D Brewer at Goose Island Brewery


Off Color Brewing Beer for Food

From: Chicago, IL
Style: Varied
ABV: 4.5% - 7%

"Off Color’s John Laffler is brilliant. He’s made the perfect four-pack for the big game – Beer for Food. One can each of Beer for Burgers, Beer for Tacos, Beer for Pizza and Cherry Beer for Pizza. I will need all of it, beer and food, to get through Sunday." — Greg Hall, Virtue Cider founder


Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai IPA

From: Tampa, FL
Style: IPA
ABV: 7.5%

"Every year I try to predict which team will win the big game by doing a tasting featuring beers from the teams’ cities. This year, I’ll be drinking Jai Alai IPA from Cigar City Brewing in Tampa. Jai Alai IPA has notes of orange peel, clementine and light caramel which make it taste like a vacation in a can. And fun fact: I have predicted the last six winners via beer, so I highly recommend giving it a shot this year." — Jason Oliver, brewmaster at Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company

Price: $12/six-pack


Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion IPA Series No. 17

From: Paso Robles, CA
Style: IPA
ABV: 5.9%

"Even Tom Brady can chug this one! Crisp, light, fruity and low ABV with a nice bitter bite on the back end makes this a great Super Bowl drinking beer. Try this with spicy buffalo chicken wings as Brady makes the last winning drive with Gronk getting the TD." — Steve Kaczeus, founder/brewer at Bootstrap Brewing Company

Price: $12/six-pack


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