Make Hard Seltzers on the Fly This Summer

The uKeg TWIST Hard Seltzer Maker from GrowlerWerks is the gear you need for summer.

growlerwerks the ukeg twist hard seltzer maker

Whether you're team grapefruit, black cherry or lime, everyone has a favorite (and least favorite) hard seltzer flavor in the variety pack. Enjoy your desired flavor every time this summer with the uKeg TWIST Hard Seltzer Maker from GrowlerWerks. The TWIST gives you full beverage control and the ability to make hard seltzers quickly and easily wherever you are. First, add water plus the ingredients you want (booze, fresh fruit or natural flavors), drop and twist the CO2 cartridge in the cap, shake and enjoy, it's that easy. Leave your cans behind and enjoy cold, fresh, fizzy seltzer at home or on the go.

    Price: $65+


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