Make Virtually Any Hot or Cold Brew Coffee Drink You Can Think of With This Single Machine

From a flat white to extra-strong espresso, the JURA Z10 is the only brew machine you'll need.

jura coffee machine

Designed to make everything from a double shot of espresso to a trendy flat white, the Z10 merges several cutting-edge JURA technologies for a top-tier brew, every time. Each coffee starts with JURA's proprietary Product Recognizing Grinder (known as P.R.G.) to identify and specify the unique grind fineness for the selected drink. The Z10’s eighth-generation brewing unit is the result of a legacy of luxury brewing technology, plus, JURA developed a special Cold Extraction Process for cold brewing with the Z10. In this process, cold water is pulsed through fresh coffee at high pressures for a refreshing, full-flavor cold brew specialty. From the modern convex-concave aluminum panelling to the easy-to-use touchscreen display, the Z10 isn't just the peak of at-home brewing, it's the only coffee machine you'll need.

Price: $3,999


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