Don't Like Weed? Drink This Dank Beer in Honor of 4/20

Elysian Brewing's new Dank Dust IPA is like weed in beer form — but without the THC.

elysian dank dust ipa
Elysian Brewing

Every pothead's favorite day is here: April 20, a.k.a. 4/20. While not everyone may want to join in on the traditional 4/20 activities, that doesn't mean they can't get dank with their high-minded friends. Seattle's Elysian Brewing has just released its new Dank Dust IPA — and better yet, it's doing so with a little help from one of the most influential tokers in the music industry not named Snoop Dogg or Willie Nelson: Action Bronson.

In fact, Elysian announced Action Bronson — noted rapper, food lover and weed smoker — as its new Director of Dank to help push forward its new Dank Dust IPA. While the beer won't get you high, it will get you very buzzed considering it clocks in at 8.2 percent ABV.

So what does "dank" as a flavor even mean? It's basically a funky combination of citrus and pine, and for Dank Dust, it pairs with notes of tropical fruit and hoppy bitterness. Dank is one of those you-know-it-when-you-smell-it descriptors that somehow became a positive characteristic for weed, natural wine and hoppy beers.

Dank Dust doesn't have any THC in it, but cracking open a can will fill the room with the room with its potent odor, so much so that one would think someone just sparked up.

As Director of Dank, Bronson was tapped with creating two recipes — sticky short ribs and funkified funnel cake — to pair with the beer because "beer and snacks go hand-in-hand and no dank occasion is complete without the two," as the brand says in a press release.

elysian dank dust ipa
Elysian Brewing tapped Action Bronson as its Director of Dank. His first order of business was to create to recipes to pair with the new Dank Dust IPA.
Elysian Brewing

To celebrate the occasion, Elysian created a Dank Dust website, where you can access Action Bronson's recipes, buy Dank-branded merchandise and find a six-pack Dank Dust IPA near you.


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