Tasting Notes: Partida Añejo Tequila

Too smooth to shoot


The days of shooting bad tequila with salt and a lime are nearing an end. The tequila category has shaken off its sordid past and reemerged better than ever, with renewed interest in the spirit and a spate of new labels on store shelves. This is good news for discerning drinkers, who are rediscovering classics while also enjoying more recent products like Partida Añejo Tequila.

Partida makes a full range of tequilas including the distinctive Añejo, which spends 18 months in used Jack Daniel’s barrels before entering the bottle. This lengthy time in oak casks imparts a golden hue, plus zesty notes of vanilla and caramel and a round complexity on the tongue. The Añejo’s flavors move toward fruit, spice and almond, with a nice touch of honey that really ties the room together.

Does it work in a margarita? Sure. But why put a barrier between yourself and a fine $60 tequila? Just like a smooth sipping whiskey, for the best results, drink this one straight.

Buy Now: $60

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