Tasting Notes: Becherovka Liqueur

Czech It Out

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More than two centuries old, Becherovka ($26) is a bitter herbal liqueur hailing from the Czech town of Karlovy Vary. The top-secret recipe includes a mix of more than 20 herbs and spices blended with aromatic oils and mineral-rich water. It’s the number one imported spirit from the Czech Republic, but until its recent distribution deal with industry giant Pernod Ricard, it was hard to find stateside.

Becherovka has intense aromas of cinnamon and ginger, plus hints of menthol. Take a sip to find more of the same, plus flavors of dark honey, cloves, licorice and citrus peels. Starting out smooth and sweet, the liqueur moves to bitter while remaining fairly boozy at 76 proof. If you like Jager, you’ll probably like the more serious Becherovka. And if you don’t like Jager, well, you still might like Becherovka. It packs in lots of flavor and complexity without Jager’s syrupy sweetness.

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