Canadian Club 30 Year Reserve

Celebrate 150 Years Of Delicious Whisky


One of the perks of working at Gear Patrol is the steady stream of great spirits we either receive or purchase for testing imbibing. What man doesn’t want to “have to try” another great drink?

Recently we got our hands on a bottle of Canadian Club 30 Year Reserve in celebration of Canadian Club’s 150th anniversary. It’s not cheap, rolling in at around the $200 mark, but that’s to be expected for 30 year vintages and a limited production at that (3000 bottles total).

Long story short, it’s delicious.

I’m a bourbon man myself, but always appreciate a great whisky(ey) or scotch. Over the past few weeks, I’ve taken some time to share the Canadian Club 30 Year Reserve with several friends to get a round of opinions. I’ll let their (and my) words speak for themselves after the jump.

Tasting Notes:

Joe: Damn, this is really smooth… Wait, this is Canadian Club? Actually, I think I prefer the finish more than the initial bite. It lingers in a good way, unlike cheaper whiskeys – especially at 80 proof.

Tim: It’s richer than I expected. Perfect for the weather. I love how smooth it is though, I’m surprised its this refined actually. Wait, Eric, you didn’t get this because you love Mad Men so much did you?

Eric (author): The fruit and spice work here. It’s distinct and letting the ice melt for a minute or two makes it perfect.

Michelle: Hmm… I’m not so sure I like the oak, but the spice is somehow smooth. Reminds me of Crown Royal, just a whole lot nicer.

Cost: $175-$200

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