Tasting Notes: Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA

Canned craftsmanship


These days, craft beer is all the rage. And gaining more momentum seemingly every day is the canned beer revolution, in which many craft beers are eschewing bottles for cans. One of our favorite in-can libations is Bengali Tiger IPA from Brooklyn-based Sixpoint Craft Ales.

Unlike some overly-hopped, bitingly bitter India Pale Ales, Sixpoint’s Bengali Tiger is a well-balanced, graceful and nuanced beer. The hazy orange ale has pleasant aromas of grapefruit and pine, and flavors that blend aggressive hop bitterness and zesty citrus with a sweet, malty background. It retains a frothy head and remains creamy throughout, lacing your glass with thick stripes.

For now, New York City is your best bet for drinking Bengali Tiger and other Sixpoint beers. Find cans – and in some cases, kegs – at area bars and restaurants, or buy a four-pack in your favorite craft brew store for about $9.

Fun Fact: Sixpoint invokes William Blake’s poem, The Tyger, on the back of the Bengali Tiger can, which states: “What immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry?”

Buy Now: $9 (4-Pack)

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