Kickstand Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

A better brew from Brooklyn


Kickstand started back in 2010 out of a shared passion for sustainably grown coffee and cycling. Founders Neal Olson, Aaron Davis, Peter Castelein and Benjamin Schleif mixed the two loves by biking their cold brew serving “mobile coffee stand” to various NYC outdoor markets, and they haven’t looked back since.

The group’s success stems from a deep understanding of what makes a good cup of coffee. All of their coffee comes from a single origin that is sourced seasonally and expertly roasted by Cafe Grumpy in Brooklyn. To inform drinkers about what they’re enjoying and to ensure freshness, every bottle lists the country, farm, and actual roast date of the beans used, which is a level of transparency rarely seen in the java world.

The lengthy concentrate process starts with beans roasted within seven days of the bottling. After several hours of cold brewing, the beans are then filtered through multiple systems to ensure an incredibly clean flavor profile. While Kickstand encourages drinkers to maintain a 1-to-1 ratio of concentrate to water for the best taste with a hot or cold cup, one of the most appealing features of coffee concentrate is the room it provides for personal interpretation. Subsequently, the company offers a $10 credit to buyers who submit their own drink recipes using the concentrate.

Spoiled New Yorkers can have bottles delivered weekly to their door (of course). Thankfully, Kickstand will also ship anywhere in the U.S and offers free shipping with a purchase of two bottles or more. The recommended shelf life of each bottle is between four and eight weeks, or up to two weeks after opening. We know it’s hard to think about iced coffee now for those not downing Mai Thais in Aruba, but keep Kickstand in mind when spring comes around, and your tastebuds won’t be disappointed.

Buy Now: 16 oz $17 | 32 oz $33

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