Forget Champagne, We’re Drinking This Champagne-Sized Miller High Life on New Year’s Eve

The literal Champagne of Beers.


We love craft beer, but there’s a time and place for every beer. And seeing as Miller High Life is among our favorite lowbrow beers, the following announcement brings us great pleasure: champagne-sized bottles of Miller High Life are back just in time for New Year’s Eve.

While this literal Champagne of Beers debuted in just Chicago in 2016, last year marked the first time the limited-edition 25.4-ounce bottles were available nationwide. Embossed with “The Champagne of Beers” across the front, the necks are also wrapped in the classic Girl in the Moon logo and sealed in gold foil.

If that wasn’t enough, Miller High Life has also placed custom vending machines for these champagne bottles in select bars and liquor stores in New York and parts of the Midwest. What’s more, some bars and restaurants have also received champagne coupe glassware (seen above) for toasts, Champagne of Beer towers and inciting jealousy amongst your Instagram followers.

Add in the fact that the bottles are expected to retail for between $3 and $4 at liquor stores (higher prices can be anticipated at bars) and we’re skipping the champagne this year on New Year’s Eve and reaching for the true Champagne of Beers.

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