The 10 Best Beers to Drink Watching the Super Bowl, According to Brewers

The big game is coming up this Sunday, so what are you going to bring to the party?

Henry Phillips

Super Bowl Sunday is a day for celebration for football fans and non-fans alike. It’s a day where over 1 billion chicken wings will go missing. That’s going to require some good beer to wash all those wings down. So we asked craft brewers what they’ll be drinking when they watch the Super Bowl this weekend. Heed their advice.

Mast Landing Brewing Co. Neon Sails

“Mast Landing’s Neon Sails IPA is a perfect beer for the Miami faceoff. Its tropical flavors transport you to breezy, sunny beaches while its intense hoppiness pairs well with what looks to be a fierce battle between two evenly matched teams. Plus, the can art has a Miami Vice vibe that summons the city’s epic nightlife. Our distro team loves it and I’m sure they’ll all have one in hand on gameday.” — Rob Burns, Night Shift Brewing

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Allagash Brewing Co. White

“As a native New Englander and Midwestern transplant, I am tempted to say I’ll be slammin’ Harpoon IPAs and pouring one out for my boy Tommy B cuz he’s the GOAT! However, I’m not actually gonna do that. I will likely be drinking the last of the Allagash White I snagged on a recent trip back to my home state of Maine. Not that far off I guess.” — Niko Tonks, Fair State Cooperative

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Industrial Arts Brewing Company Metric

“For me, the Super Bowl is all about the food — it’s a marathon of spicy and savory! I’ll be drinking Metric Pilsner from Industrial Arts to refresh my palate between snacks. It’s a sessionable 4.7 percent and is perfectly clean and crisp. I love their precision and consistency in brewing and that I can almost always find their beers at my favorite local retailer.” — Tara Hankinson, Talea Beer Co.

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Wren House Brewing Co. Pollinator

“Watching the (most likely) high-scoring Super Bowl LIV, I will be drinking Wren House’s Pollinator lager. On a recent trip to Tucson I bought as many four packs I could get my hands on after trying it at Tap & Bottle. This Honey Lager is full of oat flavor, light berries, mild honey, a little nuttiness and has a crisp clean finish. This beer is as flavorful as it gets for 4.5 percent and is perfect to enjoy during the game.” — Kyle Harrop, Horus Aged Ales

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Miller High Life

“As a guy who makes a lot of IPAs, I’m counting the days till I can justify making a simple and easy-drinking lager beer. And if I’m watching the game, or really the ads and the halftime show, I may as well be drinking something that I can drink all day long. Sometimes it’s nice not to think too terribly hard about the beer you’re drinking. No complicated hop combos, no questions on if the aroma is true to rubbing, no thinking about funky yeasts! We say drink whatever, y’all.” — Gage Siegel, Non Sequitur Beer Project

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Wayfinder Beer Hell

“I’ll be drinking Wayfinder Hell because the only thing I know about the Super Bowl is that it lasts for four hours. My qualifiers for drinking beer these days are pretty rudimentary: I want something crisp, clean and noble. Wayfinder visits session heaven with this helles, and there may be no better choice for an event that is only halfway through when J-Lo takes the stage.” — Jake Miller, Heirloom Rustic Ales

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Oxbow Brewing Company Luppolo

“I will be sampling some treats from Oxbow Brewing in Newcastle, Maine. They make fantastic beers and are just really great people. Top of my list is Luppolo, an unfiltered Italian-style dryhopped pilsner. It’s crisp and crushable with a spicy, floral nose and nice crackery malt character that will pair elegantly with the pile of wings I plan to destroy on Sunday.” — Mark Safarik, Dogfish Head

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Wynwood Brewing Company La Rubia

“I’m actually going to the game — I’m a Bills fan but the game is here in our backyard and I’ve always wanted to go to a Super Bowl so I’m going. So [I’ll] probably be drinking the best craft beer options I can get my hands on at the stadium. Saltwater and Wynwood Brewing have their beer at the stadium. Most likely will be drinking their stuff.” — Corey Artanis, 3 Sons Brewing Co.

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Coors Banquet

“I’m headed to a Super Bowl party so I’ll probably be drinking whatever’s in the fridge. That being said, I like to keep things simple with a Coors Banquet or a High Life. If the ingredients are there, I might make a Michelada. There’s a lot on the line in every Super Bowl so I’m looking for a beer that doesn’t distract from the action.” — Mike Schnebeck, Fort Point Beer Company

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Threes Brewing Vainglorious

“Our neighbors at Threes celebrate their birthday in mid-January, so there’s always something special to drink this time of year. Their newest anniversary beer, Vainglorious, is a riff on their iconic Vliet (which is already a staple beer for me). It’s a delicate crusher with a bright hop aroma — the perfect beer for drinking all damn day.” — Gage Siegel, Non Sequitur Beer Project

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