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Need Whiskey, Wine and Beer For Your Holiday Party? These Are the Best Alcohol Delivery Services

Searching your cupboards and bar cart for margarita ingredients? Want to stack cases of Coors Light?

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Chandler Bondurant

It's the holiday season, which means it's time for holiday parties. And you know what that means: booze, and lots of it. With the rise of alcohol delivery services, those services’ ability to serve more parts of the U.S. has grown, making it easier than ever to stock up for your Christmas party without even leaving the house. Here are five companies that can get whiskey, wine, beer and whatever other booze you want delivered, same-day — perfect as a a re-up for the holiday party that's gone dry.

Remember that these companies are not retailers, thus the booze you see available on their sites reflects what’s on store shelves near you. Plug your zip code in before doing shopping so you don’t wind up looking at bottles you can’t actually get.

Editor’s Note: Be sure to call your local liquor store before relying on another company to facilitate the order and delivery. If they offer their own delivery service, it’s likely to be slightly better-priced and is better for the store.



Probably the largest player in the booze delivery market, Drizly offers all spirits, beer, wine and even ice. They’re among the fastest to deliver, too, guaranteeing 60-minute delivery if you live in one of its 101 different markets.


Reserve Bar

OK, Reserve Bar’s same-day delivery service is not as robust as the others on this list, but its focus on gifting makes it valuable. Use this service when buying a co-worker, friend or boss a COVID-19 happy hour gift. If you order far enough in advance, you have the option of custom engraving, gift packaging options and more. Their whiskey selection is as robust of any on the internet.



If you need a drink immediately, you’re in luck. Saucey guarantees a staggering half-hour delivery window after ordering. The site doesn't deliver everywhere, yet, but its list of available cities is quite robust.



Just like Postmates, but a different roster of cities. Control + F “Alcohol Delivery” to see a list on its homepage.



In LA, NYC, Miami, Chicago or Phoenix? Or just about anywhere else? Postmates, a rare beauty of an app that will make a Taco Bell run and a tequila run at the same time, has you covered. Use it for everything.

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