Absinthe Explore Kits

The green fairy, delivered


The mystery and mayhem surrounding absinthe’s sordid past have long been quashed. Heady hallucinations and impromptu surgical procedures were less likely caused by the green fairy than the timeless pen and brush strokes to come out of the Bohemian movement. The truth is that this delectable distillate is complex, varied and packs a punch — to your wallet. To help discover which brand of wormwood is right for you, German upstart absinthes.com offers Absinthe Explore Kits ($32+).

Comprised of three or six 50ml test tube tasters, each box offers a range of distinct takes on the French liquor. There are twenty-three individual absinthes currently available (you can mix and match your own set), but we recommend sticking to one of the eight ready-made mailers for a less muddled approach. Regardless of your libational path, each kit comes complete with sugar cubes and an absinthe spoon to start mixing a murky louche to call your own.

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