Still Holiday Shopping? These Are the Gifts Guys Want

Our 12 Guys of Christmas guides are a shopping bonanza for the men in your life.


In the modern age, procrastination is rewarded with great triumph — Amazon Prime turns disaster into a celebration of one last, brilliant act of thoughtfulness. And so, we present once more our guides to holiday giving. For the men out in the world who hope for presents under the tree, or for rewarding yourself (you’ve worked hard!) with a bit of goodwill for all your charitable spending, these are the best gifts for 12 different types of men. We call it the 12 Guys of Christmas, and with 17 gifts per guide you’ll be sure to find something for every last dude on your list.

The 12 Guys of Christmas

Gifts for Guys Who Like Great Gifts

17 Great Gifts for the Designer

The designer speaks the language of aesthetic utilitarianism. His personal curation is deliberate, refined and sophisticated. He does not buy things frivolously and he does not buy frivolous things. He sweats details — the taper of a jacket, the visual balance of an end table‘s heft, the draw of a pen‘s ink. Because of this, he is inevitably the hardest man on the holiday gift list to buy for.

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17 Great Gifts for the Techie

So, there’s good news and bad. The bad is that technology never seems to stay current for a full year, which means those gifts you picked out last year are already getting a bit long in the tooth. The good, however, is that you’ll find no shortage of appropriate replacements and upgrades. And, if you get started in time, you’ll probably stumble upon a few deals prior to the holiday crush. Here are the best options for the techie in your life.

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17 Great Gifts for the Driver

Our picks this year run the gamut from useful automotive tech to stylish art prints and everything in between. Be it an improvement to his ride, or something to occupy his time between stints in the driver’s seat, they’re a surefire way to satisfy even the most fastidious gearhead.

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17 Great Gifts for the Mixologist

Here are the best gifts for the man who prides himself on making drinks that play center stage from the start of the night all the way through to the end.

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17 Great Gifts for the Chef

If you’re looking to gift the chef something else for the kitchen — something that’s special, but not something he’d rather buy for himself — consider what he doesn’t yet know he needs: a smart smoke alarm, a leather oven mitt, a grocery-shopping helper, and more.

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17 Great Gifts for the Athlete


This Athlete needs an assortment of gear that’s just as diverse as his athletic endeavors, so we did the heavy lifting to find the best gear in the wide world of sports and stacked them all in one place. Diets change, workouts will evolve and training always intensifies, but the hunger to be the best never falters. And though it’s not the gear that makes the athlete the best, this quality equipment can’t hurt.

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17 Great Gifts for the DIYer

Gifts for the DIYer should be as rugged as he is and never come with strings attached (“I got you this finishing nailer…so now you can help me lay that quarter-round!”). Here are a dozen excellent options — and one extra-special selection — to chisel a permanent smile on the do-it-yourselfer’s face.

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17 Great Gifts for the Dapper Man

Shopping for the dapper man, with his attention to detail and borderline obsession with garments, can be difficult and stressful. One can’t scour Rakuten or go with a gift card, which, while safe, doesn’t show much thought. So one must take the time to study, dive deeper and put together a carefully curated collection of gifts that a sartorially minded man will love. Lucky for your holiday list, our style experts have already done most of the legwork.

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17 Great Gifts for the Globetrotter

When shopping for your globetrotting friend, don’t get anything that’ll slow him down: no oversized luggage, ostentatious cameras or countertop appliances. To ensure that your gift makes it through airport security and onto the plane, get one of the gadgets, packs, jackets or travel necessities here.

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17 Great Gifts for the Mediaphile

You tell him about a movie you just saw and loved; he knows the director’s whole filmography. The mediaphile is indeed always two steps ahead, but no one ever said you can’t clean up his stride.

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17 Great Gifts for the Adventurer

Travelers want to see the world, while adventurers seek to experience it. If you have someone in your life who seeks more than the roadside photo, who likes his vistas hard won, and who believes the true currency of life is commitment, reward their enthusiasm this holiday season with products designed to help him push his limits.

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17 Great Gifts for the Outdoorsman

This guide covers gifts for everyone from the hunter, to the fisher, to the backpacker, to the day hiker. Rest assured that any astute outdoorsman will be excited to get this gear out there in the wild and put it to the test.

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