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11 Father’s Day Gifts for the Stay-at-Home Dad

Skip the frivolities and go for gifts that offer convenience, organization, and comfort.


The stay-at-home dad doesn’t need much because he already has the gift of his family… right? True though that may be, there’s plenty that can make his daily life raising his kids easier and (maybe) less chaotic. Skip the frivolities and go for gifts that offer convenience, organization, and comfort — though a small dose of style doesn’t hurt, either.

Spotify Family Plan


For a few extra dollars a month, you can upgrade his Spotify Premium account to a family plan, which can include six separate accounts. That means the kids can still listen to Raffi while he can listen to soothing thunderstorms and Zeppelin — or literally anything else.

Buy Now: $15

Polaroid 600 Type


Smartphones have made capturing family moments easier than ever before. But if he believes in preserving the sentimentality and ineffable satisfaction of a physical photo album comprised of actual film (and telling the “in my day” stories that accompany it), Impossible Projects has him covered with a recreation of the ’80s-era Polaroid 600-Type camera.

Buy Now: $129

Bang & Olufson Beoplay B2


A sleek-looking, yet splash- and dust-proof speaker will accompany dad wherever he goes and no matter what he and the kids get into. Pillow fortsin the basement? No problem. Kiddie pool? No sweat. Squirmy-kid-wrangling-induced sweat? Also no sweat. Just sweet, sweet music all day long.

Buy Now: $169

OluKai Nohea Moku


These shoes from OluKai are made with “nautical life in mind,” which for Dad means everything from family vacations to time in the park to errand runs. They’re designed to be worn without socks, so they’ll keep his feet comfortable and cool. A drop-down heel means they can double as slip-ons, too.

Buy Now: $95

Dyson Pure Cool Link


Dyson’s sleek floor fan does more than keep a home cool — it also helps to filter out airborne allergens, making life more comfortable and healthy for the kids (and, as a result, easier for him).

Buy Now: $520

Amazon Echo


Alexa won’t make kids behave, but she can add a dose of much-needed convenience in what otherwise might feel like a chaos. Without pushing a button, dad can call and message whomever, play music or even order Domino’s (which might actually get the kids to behave).

Buy Now: $180

Vistoe 606 Shelving System


Designed by the legendary Dieter Rams in 1960, the Vistoe shelving system has been in production ever since. Why? Because it’s the pure embodiment of Bauhaus’s functionalist design ethos. That, in addition to the Vistoe’s custom nature, makes it the perfect solution for creating the at-home dad’s perfect workspace.

Learn More: Here

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid


The launch of the Chrysler Pacifica sparked an unnecessary debate: Can a minivan be cool? Frankly, it doesn’t matter, because once dad has enjoyed easy-to-access rear seats, tons and tons of cargo space and 84 MPG, he’ll care less about his self-image and more about making life for him and his family easier.

Buy Now: $41,995+

Ural Sportsman Adventurer


For REAL cool-dad status, the Ural Sportsman can’t be beaten. It’s got classic looks and off-road dominating two-wheel-drive — plus, room for a car seat! (Please don’t do this.) Besides, what’s cooler than bonding and adventuring with your kids Indiana Jones-style?

Buy Now: $17,499

Matador Transit30 Duffle


The Transit30 is super light, super packable and super sleek-looking. And 100 times more tolerable-looking than most diaper bags.

Buy Now: $50

Gear Patrol Magazine: Issue Four


Four issues and twenty distinct locations later, Gear Patrol Magazine is about to enter its next season. Inside this issue, you’ll find three robust chapters on destinations to keep at the top of your domestic adventure list, including Colorado’s Western Slope, the Texas Hill Country and Oahu. Per usual, there’s plenty of original reporting — and, yes, tons of gear. Annual subscribers also receive additional benefits including discounts on collaborations, a 15% discount code for use in the store and other exclusive benefits. Shipping is free on all subscriptions

Subscribe Now: $39

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