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Mailbag: The 12 Best Father’s Day Gifts, Chosen By You

From Anker headphones to airline miles.


Last week, we asked you to share the best Father’s Day gifts — gifts you’ve given, plan to give, or even want to receive. Your answers varied from very specific product ideas to more creative or sentimental ones, and it was difficult to narrow the list down. That said, we said we’d pick ten to feature, but they were so good that we picked twelve instead. Some were more ideas than actual products, so we picked products that fit the bill. Read on for some great gift ideas from you, our readers.

Vintage VW Pop-Up Camper


“Vintage Volkswagen pop-up camper because it’s one of those things that my father has always wanted.” — Daniel J.

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StewMac Diamond Fret Lever


“Because my Dad asked for it (he’s learning luthier work).” — B.R. M.

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Merrell Jungle Moc Slip-On


“My dad is a weekend warrior who enjoys cranking out some yardwork and taking his dogs to the park. These are my favorite O.R. shoes, and it’s time to pay it forward.” — Davis

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Weber Summit Gas Grill


— Justin D.

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London Dry


“My dad likes his gin, so I’m giving him a bottle of London Dry, his preferred style.” — Peter B.

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Lucas Burnley Cypop Bottle Opener


— James N.

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Anker Bluetooth Headphones


“I’ve had them myself for about six months. They work flawlessly, their controls are intuitive to anyone who’s ever worn earbuds, and they only cost $25. In my opinion, it’s a nice introduction to the world of Bluetooth for my old man. And, while one (Gear Patrol) might argue AirPods are a pretty sweet gift for a dad… I don’t have to worry about a $180 investment towards my dad’s introduction to new technology ultimately winding up on the shelf of his closet unused for the next year.” — Andy O.

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Minaal 2.0 Carry-On


— Christopher L.

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Classic Motorsport Memorabilia


“Classic motorsport memorabilia in the form of daily-use items (e.g., last year I got my dad a simple cap with an IMSA Lowenbrau Porsche patch sewn on that I purchased from a former crew member online).”
— Harrison B.

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Air Miles


“My mum loved to travel, and since she passed last year, my dad has been trying to make up for his overworking and unavailability to do it with her by scattering her ashes in far-flung corners she wanted to visit but didn’t get the chance to.”
— James N.

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Brass Keychain


“Good quality, small enough to ship since I live far from my father.”
— Aaron L.

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Boosted Board or DJI Spark


“My father is sixty-five, but I am sure we can enjoy these together.” — Alex K

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