No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, we have you covered. For our Stocking Stuffers series, our writers and editors weigh in on the best gifts under $50 to give this year.

Linkable LED Utility Shop Light

Give the DIYer’s workstation a commercial-grade lighting job with a 4,800-lumen shop light.
Buy Now: $45

Craftsmen 100-Piece Drilling and Driving Set

There’s no doubt the DIYer will find a way to use all 100 bits.
Buy Now: $22

AOM Stud Finder

The AOM stud finder locates edges of piping, metal, rebars, joists, wooden beams and live AC wiring, which definitely beats putting an ear to the wall and knocking.
Buy Now: $22

Mechanix Original Leather Gloves

Mechanix gloves are the industry standard when it comes to basic hand protection. The Original Leather Gloves are the ones that set the bar.
Buy Now: $25

Hand-Eye USA Work Apron

Nothing beats an old-fashioned denim apron. The Hand-Eye USA Work Apron is made with thicker-than-usual 12.5oz North Carolina-made denim, but also comes in Herringbone and Hickory Stripe.
Buy Now: $50

Red Clouds Collective Shop Rags 3-Pack

The simple shop rag is the unsung hero of any shop, and no work space should be without them.
Buy Now: $15

Barebones Garden tools

When you get sick of run-of-the-mill garden tools with cheap plastic handles, the Barebones garden tool collection is waiting with rust-resistant, heat-treated stainless steel and bamboo that should last a lifetime.
Buy Now: $20+

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Braun Alarm Clock

The Braun Alarm Clock is simple, elegant, accurate — what more do you need?
Buy Now: $35

Staedtler Mars Lumograph Pencil Set

When it comes to building wood projects from scratch, a good pencil can be underrated.
Buy Now: $12

Gorilla Super Glue

Gorilla Super Glue is some seriously strong adhesive, which makes the accurate two-way brush-nozzle application option all the more important.
Buy Now: $4

Alvin Self Healing Cutting Mat

Constructed from high-quality vinyl composite, the Alvin Self Healing Cutting Mat is a staple of any builder’s or architect’s work space.
Buy Now: $18

Mimgo Aluminum Speed Square

If there is a niche architect market for EDC gear, the Mimgo Aluminum Speed Square is certainly on the list.
Buy Now: $6

Midori Brass Ruler

Don’t settle for a fragile plastic straight edge; use a Midori Brass Ruler and measure with class.
Buy Now: $10

Copic Marker Multiliner 9-Piece Set

Copic’s alcohol-based inks have made them popular with architects, landscape and product designers because their accurate, quick-drying application doesn’t bleed or soak in much deeper than the material’s surface.
Buy Now: $24

Excel Blades K60 Utility Knife

A lightweight, folding design makes the K60 Utility Knife ideal for one-handed opening operation, performance and easy storage.
Buy Now: $14

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