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The Best Gifts for SCUBA Divers

Give the SCUBA diver in your life the gift they really want.

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If you know someone who just can’t wait to get in the water at all times, and plans his vacations around the closest ocean and next dive spot, then you know that they can be tricky to shop for. Most divers keep a mask, fin and snorkel on them when planning bigger trips, but if you’re a beginner or have never invested in your own equipment, the holidays are a great time to stock up. Start with a reliable watch, add a warm and flexible wetsuit and then work your way down the list. These 13 gifts are sure to help get them to the oceans faster.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Automatic Two-Tone Watch

SCUBA divers know the importance of a dependable dive watch. While plenty offer passable capabilities, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Automatic Two-Tone brings both high-end performance and a superior luxurious look. The 44mm stainless steel case offers a unidirectional mineral crystal bezel and is paired with a distinct five-link, two-tone bracelet. While it’s water resistant to 200 meters, this proficient diver is a fashion timepiece that can elevate any look on land.

Buy Now: $1,395

Cressi Lens Mask

The inclined inverted teardrop lens mask features a high seal silicone that does exactly what you want a mask to do: keep water out and air in. These work best for SCUBA diving, snorkeling or freediving. The special shape of the mask allows for more field of view as you look down into the big blue sea.

Buy Now: $70

Cressi Diving Fins

Every aspiring diver needs a pair of fins. Pick up a pair of black, blue or yellow fins made of a non-slip material. The longer blade helps you move faster with less effort and the full foot pocket-style keeps your feet locked in during dives.

Buy Now: $80

Qamea Luxury Dive Resort

Fiji can seem like a faraway spot, but it’s the perfect place for a SCUBA diving adventure. A dive trip to Qamea offers 15 different dive sites so you can enjoy a dive trip, finish up your PADI certification and more. Prices depend on how many tanks you want, so plan around that.

Buy Now: $1210+

Suunto EON Core

An analog gauge with a clean color display and up to 20-hours of dive time makes this an easy-to-use dive computer. With just three buttons and five dive modes, the Suunto EON core is a fresh upgrade.

Buy Now: $1,000

Yeti Camino Carryall

You can spray this bag down after a long day at sea, so dump all your wet gear inside to transport home, then hang out to dry while you rinse the Yeti carryall with water. It’s large enough to hold a wetsuit, mask, fins and a dive computer, so you can keep everything in one place, then grab it right before you head out.

Buy Now: $150

XCEL ThermoFlex TDC SCUBA Wetsuit 3mm

Depending on water temps, you might want a little added protection. Even if the water is warm at a surface level, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be warm down below. The 3-millimeter suit is a pretty bare minimum amount of neoprene to keep you warm in water that’s 68 degrees and up, so not very cold. A full back zipper makes it slightly easier to get on and off.

Buy Now: $320


Wetsox are designed in the USA to make your life easier when trying to wiggle into a wetsuit. Slip on these calf-height socks then “slide” into your gear. The Wetsox diminish the amount of friction between your legs and the suit so it’s not as sticky getting it up over your waist. Just as it helps to get the suit on, it works just as well to quickly get the wetsuit off your body.

Buy Now: $21

Tovatec Fusion 1000 Light

Even at depths of 100 meters, you can flash this light for up to three and a half hours. Recharge it after the dive so you can see everything you want deep down in the ocean. Whether you’re trying to nail the perfect shot, or see something amazing, this flashlight will do the trick.

Buy Now: $130

Chaco Z/1 Classic

Chaco sandals are a solid purchase to keep your feet protected while you’re heading to a dive site and back. The pull-through adjustable webbing makes fitting slightly different sized feet no big deal, and the ladder lock buckle stays put even if you get thrown through some waves.

Buy Now: $105

Sipwell Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

An easy way to save the earth’s oceans and make everyone happy is to invest in a reusable straw. Starbucks, American Airlines, Hyatt and more have already pledged to phase out plastic straws, so now is a good time to hop on board. SipWell stainless steel straws come in a set of four and include a free cleaning brush, which is very useful in case you try a smoothie one morning and iced green tea the next.

Buy Now: $7

Reefsafe Mask Defogger

If the old spit and rub tactic isn’t appealing to your SCUBA diver, try this mask defogger and cleaner. It’s biodegradable and non-toxic to the animals and plants under the ocean surface, so you don’t have to worry about adding to any pollution or harming anything. As an added side benefit, it also works on swim and ski goggles, so you can truly use for all eye-adventures.

Buy Now: $6

A Donation to Oceana

If your SCUBA diving friend is already set with everything he or she could possibly need, a donation to the oceans is a welcome gift. Oceana protects the world’s oceans and has already helped with over 1.2 million square miles of ocean. Oceana pledges to restore the sea life to its original state, making the oceans as healthy as possible.

Learn More: Here

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