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80 Perfect Gifts for Father’s Day

Your padre taught you (almost) everything about life you couldn’t learn from the classroom or the cache of treasures stashed under your older brother’s bed. Through his actions, you gleaned the proper way to conduct yourself in a crowd and how not to putt.

Pile it on for dad.

Your padre taught you (almost) everything about life you couldn’t learn from the classroom or the cache of treasures stashed under your older brother’s bed. Through his actions, you gleaned the proper way to conduct yourself in a crowd and how not to putt. Deciphering the method to his madness is now clear with the wisdom of hindsight. It is, and always was, about tracing his footsteps while avoiding his detours.

This father’s day, prove he’s taught you well and solidify your position as the favored son by giving him something to help him improve on one of the many facets of his already impressive game. Check out our 2014 Father’s Day gift guide including 80 of the best gifts for dad.



Snow Peak Mola Headlamp
Headlamps always trump flashlights when there’s work to be done — or trails to be hiked. Snow Peak’s Mola goes one step farther by eliminating one of the category’s biggest downsides, keeping light focused where you want it, thanks to an innovative lens that follows the vertical angle of a wearer’s eyes as they move up and down. Naturally. $45

Molly Jogger Scrimshaw Knife Kit
Ok, so it’s not made from carbon fiber and can’t launch a smoke flare into the ionosphere, but sometimes the best gifts are the ones he can make with his own hands. This kit will teach pops the bone-carving traditions first pioneered by whalers in the 1700s. Everything required to customize a trapper, lock-back or sunfish knife design is included right in the box. $50

Finn Utility Fly Fishing Essex Side Bag
Vermont-based Finn Utility is dedicated to crafting new fly fishing accessories that still adhere to the sport’s great classic aesthetic. Every item is made in the U.S. and bound to please even the most traditional fisherman, largely because each is made by experienced casters. The Essex side bag includes rod holder loop and plenty of storage options for keeping the right gear just as close as the fish. $210

Gerber 39 Series Pocket Knife $62+

Kammock Roo $99

Suunto Ambit2 R GPS & Heart Rate Monitor Watch $299

REI Kingdom 4 Tent $389

Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket $129

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adidas Golf Clima Chill Polo
ClimaChill is a new active cooling apparel innovation made from fabric woven with titanium and so-called 3D aluminum cooling spheres. We’re not entirely sure what that means. However, we do know that the effect for wearers is an instant chilling sensation that can help even the most frustrated golfers keep their cool. $80

Game Golf
Knowledge is power, especially out on the fairway. Designed by Yves Behar, Game Golf consists of a waist mounted tracking device as well as a series of 18 “tags” designed for clubs. Together, the system lets players to track key information such as how, where and far they hit with each club as well as stats like Fairway Accuracy, GIR, and Putts Per Hole. Beers per cart ride is thankfully excluded. $250

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver
In 1991, the original Big Bertha changed club design forever. Callaway has appropriately revived the lagging brand with its most ambitious Big Bertha to date. The Alpha is the first of its kind to allow independent adjustments for loft, lie, shot bias and a never-been-done-before center of gravity height. It’s time your dad’s drives went further than his divots. $500

Seamus Golf Club Head Covers $45

Nike Tiger Woods 14 Mesh Golf Shoes $170

Bushnell Tour Golf Laser Rangefinder $399

Epoch S3 Performance Golf Tees $6

Maide By Bonobos Highland Golf Pant $108

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Quixotic Pocket Squares
The legacy of Don Quixote — acting like a great big chivalrous idiot — lives on in these sharp pocket squares. If your dad uses one to do something nice for someone else, and in the process loses it, he can share his tale with the company to receive another pocket square for free. Whether or not the gift inspires his personal valor, 10 percent of all proceeds also go to organizations that are trying to end domestic violence. $35+

London Undercover Plaid-Lined Umbrella
Most men would rather drop a $20 every time it rains than cough up for a quality option that’ll last decades. Dad…not so much. This plaid-lined edition from London Undercover is a instant classic and should go a long way in improving Pop’s authoritative demeanor, even in the worst kind of weather. Because let’s face it, the floral option he “borrowed” from the Chilis entryway isn’t the best look. $110

Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots
Every man should have an excellent pair of boots in his closet. Red Wings, with made in the U.S. quality and heritage, should require no introduction to your old man. The Iron Ranger is one of their most popular and versatile offerings that’s built to withstand all manner of abuse and still shine up nicely for dinner. $290

Alexander Olch Broken Glasses Tie $150

Ledbury Classic Fit Shirting $125

Seiko 5 Dive Watch $150

Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet $90

Happy Socks Gift Box $45

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Harry’s Winston Shaving Set
He’ll open it and look puzzled before forcing a smile as he wonders how the hell you could think a gift from Walgreen’s was appropriate on Father’s day. You’ll then mention how Harry’s isn’t sold at local drug stores and that he can get 16 blades for the classy looking handle mailed right to his door for only $25 bucks. Then, stand back and watch as the age old combination of efficiency plus saving transforms his face into a shit-eating grin. $25

Kiehl’s “Heavy Lifting” Moisturizer
He definitely doesn’t act his age, so why should he look like it? It’ll take some cajoling (get your mother on that), but regular use of this linseed extract packed cream will help reduce the wrinkles created by work, woefully bad professional sports franchises — we’re looking at you, Redskins — and the various other responsibilities that come with being a patriarch. $40

Penhaligon’s Douro Eau De Portugal
We’ll admit there’s a strange line that seemingly crossed when gifting your dad a scent. How he smells, as long as it’s not bad, should be of no concern of yours. The truth is, Penhaligon’s Douro is too good of a secret to keep to yourself. Originally crafted for port magnate Sir Percy Croft, the scent is defined by hints of sharp green limes, geranium, musk, sandalwood and leathery labdanum. Just pray your mom doesn’t purr at him in your presence. $142

D R Harris Large Tortoise Acetate Comb $30

Lab Series Max LS Instant Eye Lift$35

Braun CoolTec Shaving System $135

Killspencer Dopp Folio 2.0 $189

Derek Rose Plaza Robe $370

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Revo SuperConnect
The Revo SuperConnect’s stunning combination of American Walnut, anodized aluminum, and steel will always turn heads. But its robust set of streaming capabilities from a great set of sources — Spotify Connect, AM/FM Radio, DNLA, WLAN and Bluetooth with aptX — are what will keep his head bobbing. $400

Sony RX100 III
Sony’s dedicated themselves to the compact camera market by introducing a subtle but significant update to the GP100 award-winning RX100 II. The new RX100 III boasts the same 20.1MP sensor, a faster BIONZ X processor, a wider-aperture lens and a fully rotatable screen for optimal selfie framing. The piece de resistance is the minuscule pop-up viewfinder, which makes for a much more enjoyable shooting experience. $800

Logitech Harmony 350 Remote
Do dad a solid and help exchange his pile of remotes for one intuitive device capable of managing up to eight home theater components. Thanks to Logitech’s renowned Harmony software, you needn’t be a former A/V club president to set the thing up, either. Trust us, earning your birthright doesn’t get any easier than this. $50

NS400 Titanium $100

Google Chromecast $35

Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS $189

Anker Gen Astro3 Battery Pack $45

BenQ W1070P $800

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Nespresso VertuoLine
The Vertuoline is the first machine from Nespresso capable of brewing both espresso and large-cup coffee. Most of the magic hinges on a new line of barcoded pods combined with “Centrifusion Technology” responsible for the crema foam. A simple scan provides the machine with all the skinny on cup size, temperature, rotational speed, flow rate and time the water need be in contact with the coffee, resulting in a proper brew with the push of a button. $300

Hedley & Bennett Pho Apron
A proper chef needs a proper uniform. Hedley and Bennett aprons are designed by chefs for chefs and include details like pockets for sharpies and plating tweezers as well as a one-inch fusible interlining to prevent curling at the bottom. They’re also all handmade in LA. The Pho’s clean combination of charcoal grey and matte black hardware make it our pick of the bunch. $75

Kristina Krogh Herringbone Fusion Prints
Art is always a tricky gift, but sometimes the rewards that come with its distinction are worth the gamble. Krogh’s modern collage highlights raw materials that have been honed by man to reveal their full aesthetic potential, serving as a subtle reminder that the world will always be only what we chose to make of it. ~$155

Faribault Woolen Mills Foot Soldier Blanket $150

Loll Designs Lollygagger Lounge Chair $440

ThermoWorks Thermapen Thermometer $96

Frank Clegg x Michael Bastian Valet Tray $200

Pepper Sprouts Constellation Coasters $30

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Husqvarna HU 675AWD Lawnmower
Remember, there’s a difference between looking busy and being busy. A push mower may sound like a terrible gift idea, but at the end of day, what he saves in yard work he’ll gain in beer time (wife, willing). All-wheel-drive functionality, superior bagging performance and a water hose connection for easy deck cleaning mean the HU 675AWD can tackle most medium mowing jobs in record time. $400

Best Made Co. Front Loading Toolbox
Half of his tools are already at your house anyway, so the least you could do is bring them back in a classic steel toolbox that’s made in the USA and features a smart front loading door. It’ll make “borrowing” for your next project easier than ever. $94

Bosch GLM 100 C Laser Measuring Tool
Integrated Bluetooth connectivity allows Bosch’s tool to easily transfer data to a free companion mobile app; besides storing a slew of relevant construction measurements, the app can also transfer those dimensions to photos or sketches of the space, helping users make better sense of the data. Capable of measuring 330 feet with up to 1/16-inch accuracy, it should prove critical in helping plan all but the most ambitious of man caves. $258

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit $70

Dremel Ultra-Saw $130

LadderLimb $20

Crescent Switchblade Multi-Purpose Cutter $27

Uvex Livewire Safety Glasses $18

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Mod Notebooks
He’s learned the iPad’s great for hold ’em, email and reading ESPN. That’s about it. Mod Notebooks allow him to keep on scribbling while leveraging the power of the cloud. After it’s filled up, he can use the free shipping envelope to send it to Mod for free scanning and digitization, making that notebook viewable from anywhere using the free Mod app. Data can also be synced with Dropbox, Evernote or OneNote. If he knows what those services are, you’re even more ahead of the game. $25

Rotring 800+ Mechanical Pencil & Stylus
It’s a beautiful pencil. It’s got weight and balance and a sleekly designed full metal body. Click the end for more lead, or twist it to retract the thin pencil mechanism into the body and use the soft stylus tip. Now it’s a stylus, and it’s a stylus he’ll actually have on him at all times because, as we said before, it’s a beautiful pencil. $85

Travelteq Trash Inside Out Laptop Bag
Handmade in Italy from Florentine Vacchetta leather and water resistant nylon, Travelteq’s stylish trash…er bag is the perfect everyday carry for the morning commute. The slim silhouette includes eight compartments (three of which are zipped) for holding everything the morning paper, a 15-inch laptop, a smartphone, glasses and even a cigar. Given its price tag, this gift should net you favored son status for years to come. $612

Slate Mobile Air Desk $99

Filson Multipad Case $195

Seagate Backup Plus 3TB External Hard Drive $130

Evernote Premium Subscription $45

Tod’s Cross-Grain Leather Cardholder $195

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Next Issue
Give him access to over 100 of the world’s most popular magazines on his tablet, phone or computer for less than an annual subscription to Monocle. Highlights of the app’s extensive catalog include Backpacker, Bloomberg Business Week, Car & Driver, Consumer Reports, ESPN the Magazine, Esquire, Fortune, Golf Digest, GQ, Outside Mag, Rolling Stone, SI, Time, Travel+Leisure, and Yoga Wired. $10 (per month)

Amazon Fire TV
Bezos’s plans for the living room are finally out in the open. The Fire TV is an Android-based set-top box packing high-end smartphone hardware like 2GB of RAM and a quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, giving it far more power than competing devices from Apple or Roku. Streaming is its primary directive, but integrated voice search via the remote give him the option to catch up on Myth Busters by yelling at the remote instead of at you. $99

Quantum Mechanics: The Theoretical Minimum
Authors Leonard Susskind and Art Friedman latest book can help your dad keep his title of smartest dude in the room by clearly introducing the basic concepts behind one of science’s most notoriously difficult fields of study in ways that any astute reader can comprehend. You’ll know its working when quantum states is casually dropped into conversation over the grill. $17

The Meat Hook Meat Book $23

Pro-ject Debut III Turntable $300

Miles at the Fillmore – Miles Davis 1970: The Bootleg Series Vol. 3 $30

Bond 50: The Complete 23 Film Collection with Skyfall $125

Spotify Subscription$10

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Reference Series Branded Whisky
How do various parts of the whisky making process — cold chill filtering, aging and barrel type, for instance — affect its eventual taste? Reference Series Whisky was developed from the ground up to answer just that. Each bottle in the set features the same original distillate as a control but differs in other methods of production, allowing tasters to clearly understand the impact of certain decisions made by distillers. $63+

Cobra iRAD 230 Radar Detector
Cobra’s iRad 230 radar detector does the job you’d expect while also leveraging smartphones via an app to give your lead-footed mentor access to a crowd-sourced database of known day-ruining experiences like speed traps, traffic cameras and live police locations. And yes, we already called shotgun. $100

Black Label Stanley Lighter by Lotus
You’ve got better things to do with your time than wander down the black hole of cigar lighters, and so do we. An effective windproof coil flame, ultra-slim design and a price that’s easy to swallow make the Black Label Stanley an ideal option for aficionados on the go. It’s easy to carry and not the end of the world if it’s lost. Plus, it should leave plenty of room in your budget to pick up a stogie for yourself. $22

Siglo Wood Cigar Pouch $321

Dan & Dave Vintage Plaid Playing Cards $7

Wentworth Pewter Flask with Leather Case $104

Norman Copenhagen Glasses $73 (Set of 2)

Wintersmiths Iceballer $85

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