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9 Gifts for Those Who Like to Stay At Home

2020 has been a good year for the homebody. These gifts will make it even better.

m2w homebody gift guide
Henry Phillips

Introverts and homebodies have been thriving during shelter-in-place, but some people may be struggling spending so much time at home. These gifts make staying inside a little more tolerable.

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Blush Fractured Pillow Cover
Henry Phillips

The easiest way to spruce up a boring couch is through patterned pillows. Burrow, the internet’s favorite couch brand, has an array of pillow styles to suit a variety of design styles, including this almost-minimalist design. 

Craighill Desk Knife
Henry Phillips

The Craighill desk knife makes opening envelopes and packages feel like Christmas, even if it’s just toilet paper. 

Hay Moroccan Vase
Henry Phillips

Even without flowers (get some flowers!), Hay’s hand-blown Moroccan Vase is an easy way to add some color to your home. 

Recess CBD Sparkling Drinks
Henry Phillips

These sparkling adaptogenic drinks go down easy and, more importantly, have the power to make stressful days slightly less so. 

Twemco Flip Clock
Henry Phillips

The only clock that’s fun to watch. The iconic Twemco Flip Clock makes witnessing time pass you by a therapeutic experience. 

Kinto SCS-S03 Mug
Henry Phillips

A morning-improving mug from Japan, made of porcelain with a striking glaze. Enough said. 

Incensio de Santa Fe Casa Burner
Henry Phillips

City dwellers missing the outdoors will appreciate the transporting qualities of Incensio de Santa Fe’s incenses. The burner is a fun way to make sure the incense’s ash doesn’t blow away as the smoke billows up and out of the chimney.

Fisher Space Pen AG7
Henry Phillips

Every manned space flight since Apollo 7 in 1968 has been equipped with the Fisher AG7, but you don’t need to be an astronaut to own this little piece of history. 

Areaware Minim Playing Cards
Henry Phillips

Areaware reimagined the standard pack of Bicycle playing cards for a deck that reduces each suit to its essence. You’ll also be less likely to flash your winning hand to other players. 

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