The Best Accessories to Give Stylish Guys

Try stepping to the outer regions of the sartorial space.

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You know that one guy who's, like, the stylish guy in your friend circle? The one who's clothes fit just right? The one who's always put together, even if he's just at home eating cold leftovers for breakfast? You know he'd love for you to gift him a new sweater, or even a jacket.

But gifting him a garment can be tricky, especially with sizing. Instead, try stepping into the outer regions of the sartorial space where accessories and apothecary live and breathe. From the obvious really-nice-socks play to an unexpectedly simple and genius bag, these are some of the best accessories to gift your stylish friend.

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longines spirit watch

Presented by Longines

Longines Spirit

When it comes to elevating your outfit, what’s on your wrist makes a huge difference — and nothing quite compares to a beautifully crafted watch. Longines has made a name for itself as an iconic watchmaker for generations. The brand is synonymous with beautifully engineered timepieces for pilots, explorers and pioneers. And its latest model, the Spirit Watch, features the brand’s most iconic details. From its oversized winding crown for adjusting with gloves on, to its prominent, high-contrast numerals and to the luminescent hands for better night visibility, a Longines watch is a perfect choice. No matter what you pair the Spirit Watch with, there’s no doubt that the timepiece will take any stylish guy’s fit to the next level.

Price: $2,250


Kent 4T Comb

Kent Brushes was founded in 1777. This comb is suitable for general grooming, but it works best for thick hair and medium-to-long beards.

Thunder's Love Blend Collection Socks
Thunders Love
Thunder's Love

Most people are hesitant to splurge on something as mundane as socks — but they'll gladly take them as a gift. Upgraded socks is highly underrated and he'll be thankful for you with each step.

D.S. & Durga Big Sur After Rain Spray Hand Sanitzer
Todd Snyder
D.S. & Durga

Inspired by the famed mountainous central coast of California, this hand sanitizer spray features a thick scent of eucalyptus, notes of magnolia and wet wood. It also contains glycerin to keep your hands moisturized.

Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm
Todd Snyder

This hand cream contains a blend of shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil and glycerin to help enrich the skin. It also contains potassium lactate which, like glycerin, is a humectant and has high moisture retention. 

Baggu Fabric Mask Set

Like it or not, face masks are now a part of our everyday lives. But just because they're a protective equipment doesn't mean they can't also look stylish. Baggu's taken its stock of vibrant fabrics from its popular reusable bags and have given them a new purpose.

RoToTo Bulky Watch Cap
Todd Snyder

This Japanese-made knit cap is made from a blend of acrylic, nylon and wool, so it's both durable and warm. Choose from a range of colors including olive, yellow, brown and burgundy.

Upstate Stock Natural Deerskin Full Glove
Upstate Stock
Upstate Stock

Made in New York, these gloves from Upstate Stock are warm yet breathable and use ethically-sourced deerskin for extra grip.

Kiriko Simple Tsuno Bag

Made in Portland, Oregon using Japanese fabrics, this ain't your average tote bag. It can be untied and folded up, stashed away in your main tote just in case you need it.

Filson Smokey Bear Bandana

This limited-edition bandana features an exclusive Smokey Bear design. Made in America, it's 22-inches square, big enough for mask making, smudge removing and hand wiping. 

Corridor 12oz Duck Dark Khaki Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is the chapeau du jour. Dad hats aren't going anywhere, but these days they can look a bit strange without some sort of logo front and center. Bucket hats on the other hand are maybe more stylish, if also more inconspicuous. Not only does it provide 360-degree protection, it also tends to even out every type of head shape. That is to say, pretty much everyone looks good in one. So as far as buckets go, this one is a slam dunk. 

The 30 Best Wallets for Men
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The best wallets in every category, from card cases to phone wallets.


Battenwear Waist Pack

This no-fuss bag has a main zip-pocket with a key hook and another smaller exterior zip pouch. Made in the U.S., if features an adjustable strap and nylon exterior.

MAKR Suede Eyewear Sleeve

There's a proper place for everything. For sunglasses, that place is not hanging "Free Solo" style off a shirt collar — it's in an eyewear case. It'll keep his coveted frames scratch-free and prevent them from snapping like that one scene in "127 Hours". This one from MAKR is hand-sewn using premium full-grain leather. When it looks as handsome as this, he should have no qualms with casing it.

Bonobos Premium Necktie

Made from Italian silk, this tie will add a polished finish to any professional outfit. It looks just as great on Zoom as it does in the conference room or at your friend's wedding.

Aesop The Lore Collector Kit

Soap, hand balm, body blam and cleanser, all in one package. If you're looking for the ultimate everyday grooming kit, this is it.

Our Legacy Landon Chunky Chain Bracelet
Matches Fashion
Our Legacy

Both a bracelet and a key chain, this dual-purpose accessory from Our Legacy is made in Italy using nickel-coated brass. It'll hold onto his keys or his wrist and will look great either way. 

Engineered Garments Dress Scarf
Engineered Garments

Why not luxuriate in a silk scarf? There are enough wool scarves out there and after this year, we could all use a little treat. 

Want Les Essentiels Card Holder
Mr Porter
Want Les Essentiels

This sleek card holder features four slots, a snap-closure central pocket and silver-tone money clip. It's everything you need for a pared-down EDC.

Akila Apollo Sunglasses

These sunglasses are some of the most stylish and affordable you can buy. Made from dark tortoiseshell acetate, they feature rose-tinted lenses and five-barrel hinges.

Warby Parker Winston Blue-Light-Filtering Glasses
Warby Parker
Warby Parker

If you're in front of a screen all day, it may be worth investing in some blue-light-filtering glasses. Warby Parker's look great and won't break the bank.

Comme Des Garçons Color Inside Wallet
Comme Des Garçons

Made in Spain, this gorgeous wallet uses a supple, textured grain cowhide. It's all business on the outside, but lets loose with a vibrant azure blue on the inside.

Anderson's 3.5cm Woven Suede Belt
Mr Porter

A woven leather belt is a thing of beauty. It's an easy way to add texture to an outfit while keeping your pants on your waist. Plus, there's more leeway with sizing, so you're unlikely to get the size wrong. These are made in the Anderson's Italian atelier using premium calf suede, not that "genuine" leather nonsense. It might be a bit pricey, but we're talking about holding up the guy's pants.

New Life Project x Outerknown Backpack

This flip-top backpack features ergonomic straps, a laptop slip and an exterior zip pocket. It features roomy side pockets for water bottles and side straps for buckling down gear.

The Best Sunglasses for Every Face Shape
sunglasses for every face shape gear patrol lead full

When choosing a pair of sunglasses, consider the shape of your face and the shape of the frame -- the right pair will accentuate your best features.


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