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Five Gifts Our Associate Editor Is Hoping for This Holiday

After a long year of working from home, these are the things J.D. is looking to add to his place.

jd digiovanni

Discovering great products isn’t just something Gear Patrol staffers do for a day job. It’s a kind of an obsession — one that informs both what we get for our friends and family, and what ends up on our own lists. This holiday season, in addition to publishing a bevy of holiday gift guides for you to sift through, our staffers are letting you take a peek at their go-to gifts. See more here, and check out our other holiday gift guides.

Amazon Kindle

Stocking Stuffer: Streaming tv and doom-scrolling gets old fast. Help those you love kick-start the good habit of reading in 2021.

The Boot - Camp Sole

The only appropriate reaction to spending more time stuck inside is to lean into it, hard. And few things better assist than comfy slippers.

2021 Stendig Calendar
Stendig Calendar

Not only does this oversized calendar look nice on almost any wall, but it’s sheer size looms large in your subconscious, making it easy to impress friends, family and lovers by your ability to so confidently say that the 18th is indeed a Monday.

Cuisinart Bread Maker, Up To 2lb Loaf, New Compact Automatic

Making bread is a meme at this point but there are quite a few of us who’ve genuinely grown to love baking warm loaves. Giving the gift of a time-saving bread maker is one of the best ways to future-proof the newfound hobby for when we all inevitably get back to doing things we’ve missed so much; working in an office, getting stuck in traffic, and going to the DMV.

Mort Fleece Jacket

The Splurge: Hard to go wrong with clothing that works just as well for lounging around in your apartment as it does for heading out for coffee.

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