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The 24 Best Beer Gifts to Get for a Craft Beer Lover

This gift list has basically everything except actual beer.


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We all have that one friend who's obsessed with beer. The person who's so obsessed that they skipped the crappy college beers and went straight into craft beers: double IPAS, fruited sours, pastry stouts — you get the idea. Beer lovers are some picky folks, so getting them a six-pack (or a four-pack as is the usual for craft beer) might seem a bit too daunting. Instead, get them something beer-adjacent. Whether it's a way to make their own beer that doesn't involve commandeering the bathtub to a device that actually lets them drink beer in the bathtub, these beer gifts will have your beer lover hopping for joy.

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Rumpl Beer Blanket

How cozy does a Beer Blanket sound? Most koozies are whatever, but Rumpl raised the bar with its superior camp blanket turned into a koozie.

Huckberry x Coors Banquet Corduroy Hat

When it comes to low-brow beer, it's tough to beat Coors Banquet (and if it's in a stubby bottle, well game over). Huckberry's recent collabs with the Banquet has offered some unique pieces that have sold out quick. Somehow this corduroy hat is still in stock.

Hopsulator Trío

Ain't nothing worse than warm beer. The Hopsulator is a koozie for standard 12-ounce cans, as well as tall boys. It even does triple duty by acting as a tumbler.

Vintage Copper Bottle Opener
Now 18% off

This is the kind of bottle opener you lend that has someone saying, "Wow, nice bottle opener!"

Teku Glass

The Teku is beer glass royalty. Its stemmed construction prevents you from warming up your beer, and the thin curved lip makes for a smooth and easy sip.

Shower Beer Holder

Beer and a shower — the ultimate chill-out combo.

Bierfilzl Square Coaster Felt 4-Pack
Graf Lantz

These are the nicest damn coasters you'll ever own. Because they're made of merino wool, they'll soak up drips and dribble without actually ever feeling wet.

Hooray for Craft Beer!: An Illustrated Guide to Beer

Advance Cicerone Em Sauter's first book is a great snapshot of what she does with her Pints & Panels project: fun illustrations that also educate on beer in an approachable way.

IPA Glass (2-Pack)

If your beer-loving friend is an IPA-all-day-every-day kind of beer lover, get them Spiegelau's IPA glass — it was literally made for the perfect IPA-drinking experience.


Refrigerator space is precious, but so is beer. Optimize your fridge's real estate by using some magnets to make your beer bottles float.

Miller Lite Moon Vintage Wash Tee
Urban Outfitters
Miller Lite

One of the most iconic beer labels, in t-shirt form.

Michael Jackson's Great Beers of Belgium
Michael James Jackson

The author and beer critic Michael James Jackson is arguably responsible for sparking the craft beer movement in America. His books are a must on any beer lover's shelf, and this guide to Belgium's great beers (while published in 2008) is still extremely relevant today.

La Tienda Glass Porron Wine Pitcher (34 oz)
La Tienda

If they've been to a craft beer festival they're certainly familiar of the porron mouth pour, so let them take that experience home.

Double Wall Beer Stein
Whiskey Peaks

The lastest offering from Whiskey Peaks is a double wall beer stein with a raised impression of Mt. Hood.

Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit
Brooklyn Brew Shop

Go full-on hipster by making your own beer at home. Beard not included.

Insulated Growler

With its 18/8 medical-grade steel, Miir's insulated growler keeps your beer (or whatever drink) cool for 24 hours.

Lager Lager Lager Lager Hat
Halfway Crooks

Halfway Crooks makes some great lagers, so let them celebrate the most popular beer style in America.

Craft Beer Club
Craft Beer Club

The original craft beer gift, there are plenty of ways to customize what they get from the Craft Beer Club.

The Oxford Companion to Beer
Garrett Oliver

From the legendary Brooklyn Brewery head brewer Garrett Oliver, there might not be a more important compendium on craft beer ever written.

Glass Rinser

Every brewery swears by this glass rinser, and you can own one for a cool $99.

Hydro Flask 20 L Day Escape Soft Cooler Pack
Hydro Flask

This convenient and mobile backpack keeps your drinks cold for 36 hours, and the thing itself only weighs a little over three pounds. No more hard coolers for you.

GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler 64oz
Now 20% off

OK, so we can all agree that the crowler killed the growler, right? With that said, in our outdoor-meet-up-Covid-times, a carbonated growler actually makes a lot of sense for filling up at a local craft brewery before that picnic in the park or the backyard hangout.

Yeti Hopper Flip 8 Soft Cooler

Yeti says this can hold eight beers, and if they're cans probably a few more. No one is ever unhappy about being gifted a Yeti cooler — just sayin'.

RTIC 45 QT Hard Cooler

While Yeti's Tundra might be a better overall hard cooler, the RTIC is a very close second and comes in a whopping $115 cheaper.

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