The Desks Of Gear Patrol

Some desks at Gear Patrol are dirty, some are disorganized and some are perfectly manicured.

Scroll over the images below to see notes on each desk.

Can you tell a lot about a man from his desk? A salesman at Design Within Reach — or wherever it is you get those colossal, mahogany bastards reserved for men with Roman numerals in their names — would say yes. On the other side, that anarcho-communist from freshman year would probably say something about how personal property is a societal construct, citing some book that “you might not have heard of”. Really though, the evidence (for once) is sitting right in front of you. Most people, intentionally or not, manage to convey daily habits, hobbies, organizational tendencies and even what’s closest to their heart in little more than a few square feet. For many who spend cumulative years of their life at work, a desk becomes a small sanctuary, a zen garden that occasionally gets covered in iced coffee.

When we ran our Staff Favorites series a little over a year ago, the goal was to showcase the gear we love and why we love it. This time we’re pulling back the curtain on a few of the desks of Gear Patrol to do the exact same thing. Some are dirty, some are disorganized and some are perfectly manicured, but all of them showcase at least a small part of who we are and what we’re passionate about.

Amos Kwon


Ben Bowers


Bradley Hasemeyer


Chris Wright


Eric Yang


Henry Phillips


Jeremy Berger


Jason Heaton


Matt Neundorf


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