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Turning the Tables on the Home Saw

DeWalt’s new 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw proved portable, stable and effective in a number of home project tests.

If you need something done right, absolutely do it yourself. But without the right tools, that’s easier said than done, especially in regards to home improvement projects. More and more homeowners are doing work for themselves, learning new and lasting skills with the advent of online how-to videos; the ever-rising costs of hiring contractors also seems to be a big motivator. And the right tool can make mincemeat of wasted project time and money. When it comes to woodworking, your set should include far more than just a handsaw, a T-square and a big forearm — which is where DeWalt’s new DWE7491RS 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw comes in.

Professional contractors and handymen turn to DeWalt over cheaper and brands like Black & Decker for their consistent quality, ergonomics and toughness. If you follow their lead, you should start with this table saw complete with a rolling stand. Not that a rolling table saw is anything new; other manufacturers have their own versions. But DeWalt’s is in another class for its ease of use, portability and stability.

This fall, I took on a number of jobs where deploying DeWalt’s DWE7491RS was imperative. The tongue-in-groove wood siding on my small one-car garage needed replacement, a garage entry door and a window needed new trim, and I needed a new section of 7-inch-tall wood fencing. Ripping so many long planks of wood quickly and accurately shouldn’t be left to a circular saw and a (hopefully) steady hand. The DWE7491RS has the ability to rip 2 x 12-inch framing lumber, 4 x 8-foot sheet material and cross-cut 1x material for applications like mortise and tenon; it was my go-to tool.

DeWalt’s table saw provides security and peace of mind even with the largest cuts of wood.

Powered by a 15-amp motor, DeWalt’s 21 7/8 x 26 3/8-inch saw went through siding, fencing and trim pieces quickly and with minimal kickback. DeWalt made sure that all that power is easily managed with an adjustable Rack & Pinion fence system, which secures firmly with hand-adjustable knobs. This kept the siding in line and secure; the narrowest cuts were enabled by a simple flip of the fence. The DWE7491RS cut far faster than I could push, so I was extra careful during the process; the DWE7491RS was nonetheless safe and stable, performing incredibly well on a cold fall afternoon. Making its way through board after board without kickback or hangups, the Dewalt finished the job more quickly than I was expecting.

And for all its power, Dewalt’s table saw minds its space. It stores vertically with ease when attached to the rolling stand, with a footprint small enough for the whole thing to fit inside a closet. You can wheel it through a standard 30-inch or 32-inch door width without any trouble. The large wheels make rolling the saw up and down stairs easy, while extending all four legs is simple with easy actuation of the locking levers. It took less than a minute to unfold the rolling stand, at which point I undocked the blade guard assembly and the anti-kickback device from their easy-to-use storage brackets underneath the saw. The miter gauge, push stick, riving knife and blade wrenches also conveniently stow away, with each accessory given its own custom storage rack beneath the saw — slid into the metal slot, it locks into place. Once I installed the accessories, which took about two minutes, I was ready to go. In fully deployed mode, the saw sits on the legs and not the wheels, providing security and peace of mind even with the largest cuts of wood.

There aren’t many serious competitors in the portable table saw category that come rife with the same features as the DeWalt DWE7491RS. With the exception of Bosch, most power tool manufacturers, like like Rigid, Ryobi and Craftsman, don’t provide the same ease of use, operational stability and reputation for quality, nor do they perform as well in this category. And they certainly aren’t as tough or versatile. It’s clear that the DWE7491RS could easily handle much bigger jobs than my home projects; it’s the kind of power tool that makes you realize how much you can do yourself. Which is great news for your bank account — and probably bad news for if your family hates the sound of construction.

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