Billet Bones Dominoes

Ditch the Xbox (ok let’s not get crazy, just put it down) and check out a real game. Billet Bones is making heirloom grade Dominoes sets out in Arizona.



Aspire to games that don’t require an outlet & two thumbs, or two people (*cough* frosted glass chess set *cough*).

Bonus points for actually knowing how to play said games. We know this is a novel concept in today’s day and age, but a game night with friends just might prove to be the most fun you’ve had in while. We suggest Dominoes. Giving you the option to play a mulititude of games with more than two people Billet Bones of Arizona makes the most badass Dominoes sets you’ll find.

More on the custom dominoes set commissioned from Billet Bones after the jump.


Machined of solid aircraft-grade aluminum (thus, “billet”), anodized to the color of your choice, and customizable with a logo, Billet Bones Dominoes are a work of art as much as they are pieces with which to play a game. When not in play, the dominoes will look as comfortable adorning your coffee table as they would a museum showcase.

Currently, Billet Bones offers both Double 6 sets and Double 9 sets. Customization runs anywhere from plain block initials, to Gothic blocked letters, to having your signature on each tile. Each set comes in a plastic box, though a nicer birch wood box is available for $70. Ron of Billet Bones was kind enough to set Gear Patrol up with not only a set in each our signature colors, but also build a one-of-a-kind box made from a solid block of aluminum with the cog engraved. The completely custom piece ranks as one of the coolest GP-branded products we’ve ever commissioned.

Author’s Note: Take a look at our pics of Ron’s handiwork and check out his blog to see the whole process of making GP’s custom Billet Bones.

Cost: $175-$690 for Dominoes | (TBD for Aluminum Case)





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