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The Hammock Source | Hatteras Duracord

A Vacation Destination That's Closer Than You Think


In honor of it being that time of year when many of us are returning from a holiday and a sandy beach to the doldrums of our busy lives, we bring to you The HammockSource. Whether you are lying in a hammock feeling the ocean breeze and drinking a Corona or just in your backyard drinking a High Life, a hammock is the ultimate way to relax. So we ask you, what better way to end the day than by swaying gently back in forth, suspended weightless above the terra firma? It’s a veritable panacea for stress and worry.

To cure what ails you, the HammockSource has everything that you may need when shopping for that perfect hammock or accessory. In case you haven’t actually shopped for a hammock in a while (or ever), you are going to be amazed at how far hammocks have come. Now, most of the classic models that we are used to seeing are being made out of synthetics.

The one we were obliged to test (tough job) is the Hatteras Hammocks DuraCord®, made with a continuous weave of three-ply twisted rope. The DuraCord® yarn has been used to create a rope hammock that has the look and feel of that classic cotton rope model, while providing superior weather fade and stain resistance to prevent mold and mildew. It’s sure to prevent the ruining of the aforementioned suspension above the earth.

Our hammock, coupled with a hammock pillow resistant to wear and a hammock coozie for my beer drink (yeah, that’s right, my beer has a hammock too) would be a great investment to share with your whole family. Don’t have that perfect place in between two trees to hang a hammock? No problem, just order the heavy-duty, no-tools-required-to-assemble stand and place that hammock anywhere you’d like. For those of you living in a small flat in the city, maybe the hammock could just replace your bed, Gilligan-style.

The HammockSource can offer several top-quality name brands of hammocks including the accessories to go with that purchase, offering well-known hammock makers like Pawley’s Island and Hatteras Hammocks, just to name a few. One of our favorite things about the HammockSource is their employees. Like us, they really do a lot of product testing.

Just close your eyes and sway a little in your chair. Now think about how much better that would feel in a breezy hammock. We’re sold.

Cost: $160 (Hammock MSRP), $180 (no-tools-assembly stand MSRP)

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