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Elements: Organize Your Desk

Desk covered in junk? Give the vital things a place to belong and give the rest a Viking funeral.


Grown-ups accumulate stuff — files, pens, stray pieces of paper that will eventually be important somehow, surely. Unfortunately, this jibes in the face of your beautiful, expensive minimalist desk, the top of which is now covered in a pile of indiscernible detritus. The answer? Begin to discern. Give vital things a place to belong and give the rest a Viking funeral. It’ll make you more efficient, more productive. Really, it’ll just make you feel better. To that end, here are some of the best desk organizers out there right now. They’re design objects in their own right — because, truly, there’s no shame in tidying up.

Our Picks: Atelier Ace x Billykirk Change Tray ($35), CB2 Eucalyptus Storage Boxes ($25+), Collator 10 ($140), IKEA Kvissle Cable Management Box ($10), Restoration Hardware Linen File Boxes (From $55), Lifta Desk Organizer ($125), Makr Magazine Rack ($400), Japanese All-Brass Pen Case ($69), Deskstructure Desk Organizer ($58), OneFortyThree Desk Organizer ($125)

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