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Quad Timer Cooking Timer

Great Tool for Keeping Meal Time on Time


Anyone who has ever hosted a big meal can probably relate to the stress of timing multiple dishes at once. While normally in these situations over-worked cooks might enlist the help of others in the form of “hey remember this time for me, will ya?”, the margin of error for this method could definitely use some improvement. Especially if your supposed sous-chef happens to be drinking a beer and watching the game.

Thanks to the Quad timer, though, serious cooks in need of complete control may just find some relief. Featuring four independent event timers controlled by a large rotary dial, each timer can be stopped, adjusted, or reset while others continue to count down. Conveniently four green LEDs corresponding to each of the stove top burners also remind cooks of which timers are in use when lit. Expired timers will also begin to count up if not stopped, allowing chefs to view just how long their work has over cooked, or easily make adjustments should additional cook time be needed.

Sadly, though, only two timers can be shown on screen at any time, so there is some toggling back and forth required to monitor all four dishes. However, considering the Quad timer’s cost and overall feature set, this is a small complaint about an otherwise incredibly useful product.

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