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Philips Robust Kitchen Appliance Collection

Things Can be Built Like They Used To Be


The phrase “made to last” is not the first concept to spring to mind in a word association with kitchen counter appliances. After some serious design work and innovative thinking, Philips’ hopes that’s exactly the connection consumers will make though while coming across the company’s new Robust line of appliances. Distinguished by a nice mix of modern and vintage detailing, the five piece set includes a blender, food processor, hand blender, hand mixer, and juicer. Eight different patents were also developed and integrated solely into this line. Their Robust branding however isn’t just for show.

Instead Philips stands behind the longevity of this line with some impressive warranties and a service package. Buyers get security for five years on the collection’s blender, juicer and food processor, as well as 15 years on their motors. The hand blender and mixers have a slightly shorter warranty of 3 years.

That’s a hefty helping of reassurance for products that typically hold a reputation for junking out quick. Subsequently when taken as a whole, this beefy set of kitchen gadgets look poised to be a cooking man’s best friend, if you can afford to splurge on them.

Editor’s Note: For now it appears this serious is only being sold in the UK. The links below are to Amazon’s UK store with prices estimated in dollars. We’ll keep an eye for them landing on shelves in the U.S. and let you know what we find.

[Source: Appliancist]

Buy Now: Juicer: $450 | Hand Mixer: $192 | Food Processor: $530 | Hand Blender: $307 | Blender: $425

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