Mug With Temperature Sensor

Like A Built in Spidey Sense for Hot Beverages


Sick of burning yourself on a regular basis from being over eager to sip your morning cup of coffee? Then the ingenious technological wizardry in this mug may make your day. While the image may look like a phone battery power icon, this detail is actually designed to alert drinkers just how hot their beverage is. It only becomes visible when a drink is hotter than 96.8 Fahrenheit, and the fuller the mug the more potent and bright the battery. In other words if the mug displays a glowing full battery, better let it rest for a bit. Available online for $28, it’s definitely pricier than the Mickey Mouse version you currently use that you raided from your parents. But hey, for a life free of burned tongues and no taste buds, $28 seems trivial.

Buy Now: $28

Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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