Absolut Brooklyn Limited Edition Vodka

An Iconic Bottle Meets an Iconic Director


As a tribute to one of the city’s most renowned boroughs and film makers, ABSOLUT has put out a limited edition flavor known as ABSOLUT Brooklyn. Developed in conjunction with Spike Lee, the bottle’s unique cover pays homage to the stoop where the director grew up, as well as the borough’s pace of life where socializing involves sitting on the front steps and talking with neighbors as they pass by. Those who pay close attention to the bottle’s detailing might also notice some of Brooklyn’s more famous nick names written on the stoop’s steps, and that Lars Olsson, who graces the ABSOLUTE seal, has been given some Spike Lee approved accessories like a baseball cap and glasses.

Taste wise, this flavor features a pronounced mixture of red apple and spice notes of ginger, which needless to say adds an interesting pep to the brand’s standard offering. Great for collectors or those who enjoy the display aspect of having a home bar, pick up a limited edition bottle at the link below.

Buy Now: $22

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