Takumi Macinari Wood Writing Instrument

Written Naturally


Recently, a decidedly non-gear item crossed our desks and “thoroughly impressed” became the typical response when grasping and using the 8 gram Takumi Macinari Wood Writing Instrument ($35). Designed by Hosei Suzuki and hand-made in Japan, the Macinari is available in the form of pen or pencil and constructed entirely of maple or walnut. Even the clip, tip, and button are made of ebony. Available in five finishes: natural (which we tested), red, brown, yellow, or purple finish and arrive in a craftpaper sleeve. These pens aren’t for the casual jotter though, limited to only 100 per month and utilizing hard to find, Mitsubishi S7L refills, one procures a Macinari for writing his manifesto, not grocery lists.

Buy Now: $35 (Japanese)

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