Auditorium Toy Company Boattail Racer

Batteries Not Required


The Boattail Racer ($350) is the first product of family owned & operated Auditorium Toy Co., based in Tucson, Arizona. Helmed by designer Brad Denboer, they use simple, historical craftsmanship techniques with a focus on safety, durability, and precision in their products based on a credo that’s worth sharing:

The slower you put things together, the slower they fall apart.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Boattail Racer tugs hard at our derby racer heartstrings. Slowly handcrafted of 13 ply Baltic birch, the Boattail Racer uses 77.5mm carnelian-core industrial grade wheels mounted on precision bearings and stainless steel axles. Packaged in black-core 4 ply acid-free museum board custom archive box (also handcrafted), the Boattail Racer is bound to cause a stir with its recipient.

Buy Now: $350 (limited to 100)

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