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Breville Smart Grill and Griddle

The Next Best Thing to An Open Flame

Breville Smart Grill

While the word grill typical inspires visions like this in our head, there’s something to be said for having an electric version on standby just in case. They’re also a great appliance for those short on space who want an alternative to broiling or pan frying. The Breville Smart Grill ($310) is a good option for both of these duties, and despite its average looks comes packed with some interesting features. First and for most, so-called Element IQ technology allows the grill to compensate for drops in surface temperature when cold food is added, by electronically injecting heat to the plates to maintain the ideal cooking temp. The integrated LCD also alters once the grill has reached its set cooking temp by changing colors.

Beyond that, this electric grill was made for easy cleanup. Each plate is covered in titanium and “Quantanium” for a robust non-stick finish and can be flipped from ribbed to flat. Fats and other liquids run off each surface into an integrated drip tray, and both plates can easily be removed for a run through the dishwasher. Other conveniences include adjustable plate tilt, a temperature conversion button (for readers over the pond), temperature and time dials, and a count down timer for easy cooking monitoring.

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