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Klasse All-In-One Car Polish & Sealant

Wax Off, Wax Off


Calling a vehicle “mere” transportation is tantamount to speaking blasphemy. Acquiring our dream vehicle (wheeled or otherwise) is the first and highest hurdle. The second hurdle is how to best care for your baby. Tips: 1) Find a solid mechanic; 2) Use Klasse All-In-One Polish & Sealant ($24). There’s no wax or polymer in this acrylic-based solution which bonds with the surface of the paint but will not penetrate or change the paint itself. No bludgeoning the finish by applying it in sunlight or leaving it on too long making your car look like Robocop’s. Just like Turtle Wax Ice Liquid Polish, you can use it on metal, glass, plastic, rubber, vinyl and fiberglass with zero residue. One or two applications a year is all it takes. Better yet, your arm won’t fall off from buffing, and no drying time required. Personal testimony says that this stuff works wonders. It may seem pricey for car polish, but a 16.9 oz. bottle will last for approximately 10 applications. That’s two cars, twice a year, for 2 and half years.

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By Amos Kwon

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