Buy Better Furniture — Here’s How

The best furniture will stay with you longer than your current lease (or mortgage).


Quality furniture is an investment with greater longevity than most other things in your life. Through many moves, leases will eventually turn into mortgages. Cars will be purchased and traded in, clothing will be worn and worn out, innovative electronics will soon be outdated. Aesthetically pleasing furniture that is functional and well-built will outlast all of these other products, and has potential to be a constant in your ever-changing life.

An Iconic Armchair

There’s more to mid-century than the name Eames. Here are eight lounge chairs and armchairs from equally iconic mid-century masters.

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A Refined Dining Room Table


A great dining room table needs to be both functional, durable and good-looking. Here are the best tables on the market.

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A Minimalist Sofa

Looking for a new sofa? We’ve done the legwork for you. Here are nine slim, modern-looking sofas across different price points and materials.

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