Lava Cube of Fire

Cool as Ice. Hot as Fire.


From the same country that brought us Magnus Ver Magnusson comes the next best thing in fire-producing-coffee-table-accessories. The Lava Cube of Fire ($379) is constructed of raw Icelandic lava, sits on an included wood stand, and burns non-toxic bio ethanol alcohol. The result is a bright, crackling fire which is guaranteed to one-up that sorry excuse for a flame being produced by the fruity smelling candle-in-a-jar you currently have sitting on your coffee table. Beyond its completely bad ass name, the Lava Cube of Fire also claims to provide balance, and natural energy to nearby environments. Normally, we’d call shenanigans on such claims, but any country who can claim Bjork as one of their own prevents us from questioning their declarations.

Buy Now: $379

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