Bonhome Heat and Dry Dish Rack

Livin' The Dry Life


Those with dish washers can just ignore this post since your existence is one of privilege. Other readers who deal with the pain of hand-washing out of a lack of space or funds though should listen up. We know its hard to get excited about a dish rack — but eliminating the need to hand dry should be a completely different story. Now you’re listening huh? The Bon Home heat & dry dish rack ($99) may look like your typical sink companion, but it’s actually one of the first of its kind to include a built-in fan for drying dishes fast and in a more sanitary manner compared to towel drying. Made to be whisper quiet, you also won’t hear this lazy man’s fantasy while it works. Designed to hold an entire place setting for 6 on its two movable racks, get over the sticker shock and bring one home if you value your free time. Remember, you either get busy living, or you get busy drying.

Buy Now: $99

Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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