Mountain Boy Sledworks Mountain Boggan

Naughty and nice


One of our favorite things about the holiday season is its tendency to remind us what is really important… important things like the sheer thrill of racing down a snow blanketed slope of precarious grade, red-faced with tears of joy streaming out the corners of our eyes, ignoring the warnings and caution of mothers as we hold on for dear life on a Mountain Boy Sledworks Mountain Boggan ($160-$300)

The Mountain Boggan from Mountain Boy Sledworks is indeed the true classic toboggan. A compliment to the Ultimate Flyer, the Mountain Boggan is built for the long haul and multiple riders. A sled crafted with knot-free, steam bent planks, hand-carved willow crosspieces, genuine leather grommets and a marine-grade finish. Plastic sled that breaks after a serious jump pulled by a piece of frozen nylon rope? No thank you. Coming in 4, 6, and 8 foot sizes, the Mountain Boggan can be finished with a hand engraved name and cushy seat pads (shown). The Mountain Boggan isn’t a mere sled, but rather a time capsule to when things were good.

Buy Now: Mountain Boggan $160-$300

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