The Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection

They Say a Person Just Needs Three Things to Be Happy


The Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection is composed of three unique beers that share a common background of aging in oak barrels that originally did time storing brandy in a previous life. Outside of that common ground though, the American Kriek, New World Tripel, and Stony Brook Red brews are each distinct specialty beers. The 7% ABV American Kriek has been aged in slightly sweet and slighty tart Balaton cherries and was the first of the series to launch. The New World Tripel is much stronger in terms of ABV weighing in at 10%, and its flavor profile is dominated by notes of spice and tropical fruits. Finally, the Stony Brook Red is a Belgian style ale that sits in the middle at 9% ABV in terms of strength and is characterized by toasted oat hints and a tartness from rich, malty yeast. Though they’re certainly not an everyday type of brew, if you’re a fan of the Boston Beer company’s other concoctions (generic or otherwise), consider picking up one or the entire series of these 750ml bottles as a well-earned treat for the holidays.

Buy Now: Stoney Brook Red $11.25 | American Kriek $11.25 | New World Tripel $11.25

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