Want to Build a Cabin in the Woods? Start Here

Den Outdoors sells stylish cabin designs. Now they sell a book on how to actually build one.

den cabin

Den Outdoors, a new company that sells cabin designs, is releasing a bit of light reading on the subject of actually building the cabin.

How to Build a Cabin Book: Built in Nature is a 76-page guide to building a cabin in the woods, penned by the company's founder, Mike Romanowicz. The book is part-inspiration, but is mostly pragmatic advice and how-tos – picking a site, budgeting, safety, electricity, water lines and so on.

den field guide

Romanowicz's company is one of a number of A-frame, kit or secondary home brands to see growth connected with prospective home buyers looking for ways to put distance between themselves and others in the COVID-19 era. Unlike many competitors, Den Outdoors doesn't sell the whole kit, opting instead to sell various barnhouse-style cabin and A-frame plans and passing the role of builder on to customers (many of which might hire a building team to execute the build).

Den's DIY cabin guide is available on pre-order now for at an introductory price of $20 and ships in September.

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