Phil Collins can feel it coming in the air tonight. The winter chill has arrived and in the midst of a pandemic and election season, you're given a pass if you haven't noticed yet. There's no place better to soak in the cool weather than in your bedroom. But if you're shivering yourself to sleep, there are a few simple measures you can take to combat the frost from biting you in the ass. (And we know, you could also just turn on the heat.)

Flannel Sheets

Cotton percale sheets are the ideal year-round bedding, but if you're looking for something cozy to tuck into at night, go flannel. Getting out of bed in the morning might get even harder.


Sleeping hot is a common affliction no matter what season you're in. Some comforters are primed to regulate your body temperature so you'll always be comfortable no matter how hot or cold you get in your sleep.

Space Heater

Rather than heating up the whole home, get a space heater to quickly and efficiently heat up the bedroom.


You got the space heater running, and it's working in tandem with the already-dry environment to suck the moisture from your body.

SAD Lamp

About five percent of Americans deal with seasonal affect disorder, or SAD, because of less sunlight during the day. Symptoms include general sadness, loss of appetite and sleep, among other negative feelings and behaviors. Luckily SAD lamps help to mimic sunlight through bright rays and may help to get your biological clock and circadian rhythm in check. Note: never look directly at the light — you wouldn't look directly at the sun, would you?

Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.