Working from Home Causing Back Pain? This Desk Can Help


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An object at rest tends to stay at rest, an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Anyone who took high school physics remembers Newton's first law. But what many don't realize is how it can apply to your work from home routine. Sitting for extended periods of time — or remaining at rest, if you will — affects your posture, slows down your metabolism and is linked to obesity, diabetes and a host of other health issues. If you’re anything like us, we’ve found it easy to get stuck to our chairs for eight hours straight while working from home — and we've definitely suffered the consequences (read: back pain, hunched shoulders). The solution? Get into motion. Changing your position throughout the day, whether it be standing, leaning, stretching, dancing or yes, even sitting, can help you find your flow — and can promote new ways of looking at challenges at work. But how do you promote these movements through your at-home office set up? Start with your desk. The Jarvis Standing Desk by Fully is a beautiful, sustainable and durable sit-to-stand desk that encourages movement at work. We took a deeper look at why the Jarvis is one of the most beloved and best-reviewed desks available.

fully desk


Incredible Value: The Jarvis Standing Desk was born in 2013 out of a need to democratize movement at work. At the time, standing desks had emerged as a healthy working, anti-sitting silver bullet. But the problem was that they came at a steep price point of $1,000 — meaning that only people with a certain level of income could afford to live healthier lifestyles. The Jarvis Standing Desk starts at under $500, offering a foundation to build a truly healthy workspace without compromising quality or design. Plus, Fully offers industry-leading customer service and fast free shipping.


Beautiful and Sturdy: The Jarvis Standing Desk delivers thoughtful craftsmanship and clean design at an affordable price point. The team spent years designing and redesigning, adjusting each detail, and carefully obsessing over each part. The result is a beautifully designed frame, that lifts up to 350 pounds. It quickly and quietly adjusts from an impressive top height of 50” to a level low enough for you to sit on the floor. The desk features an intuitive up-down toggle handset, making it easy to customize your desk for maximum comfort throughout the day.


Customizable to Your Style and Budget: The Jarvis desktops are available in a variety of sizes, sustainable materials, colors and price points. If you’re looking to go down a sustainable route, the Jarvis comes in a plethora of options. Choose between a highly-renewable bamboo, a new Techwood top that’s crafted with fast-growing obeche and poplar trees, or the new EcoTop that’s made from fiber that’s 92 percent pre-consumer, recycled, or recovered, and found locally in Oregon. If a pop of color is more your style, choose a Designer Ply in classic blue, light pink or green Or, if you're looking for something more traditional, Fully also offers hardwood and reclaimed wood desktop options. Whatever your at-home aesthetic is, the Jarvis desk fits beautifully in your home.

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